ModCloth: a new website for people who like things

ModCloth is a website I found recently. A strange mixture of vintage fashion, DIY hair cutting tips, recipes from the 50s and many more bizarre and randomly put together pages, it is a delightful and refreshing website. I came across it whilst trying to find a blue hat online, and have since revisited nearly every day, lusting after the psychedelic scarves, ‘jukebox’ tights, retro books and much more.

The website is much more than a simple online shop, however. There is a section for blogs which cover every important matter from how large the polka dots on your jumper should be to how to make the perfect gingerbread. Anyone is invited to send in their own blogs, and the best and most interesting make it to the front page. And interesting they are too! This week I have learnt that Noel Gallagher was right about parkas; that bacon and banana bread sounds disgusting but is actually delicious; that I am not a fan of the ferroniere, and that every day is a good day for red tights.

Modcloth’s Facebook page is vaguely interesting (or very funny depending on how much you like to laugh at other people’s expense) but for me the real appeal is in the site itself. I think soon I will own so many hats that I won’t be able to wear them all in a month of Sundays!

2 Responses

  1. Amazing site!! Thanks 🙂 xx

  2. AMAZING!!! I was lusting over these babies:

    Looks like they have laces, but they don’t have laces, but should they have laces? Oh it’s a mind-boogler! Gimme them!


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