Riego Under Attack

      Dramatic title I know. What an eventful night, and it’s only 10.15.

      A boy was almost knocked out when he failed to climb a drainpipe outside Riego Street between the hours of 9 and 10 tonight. This is when a brave seniour resident decided to interfere, despite one of the young teens having a knife. The events leading up to this were nowhere near as serious. In fact, it was fairly comical.

       I settled down to watch ‘My Sisters Keeper’ with a fellow student. Less than 20 minutes into the film, around 10 students burst into the flat and ran straight to the window. Looking up at us were 4 angry looking 14-16 year olds shouting abuse at us. The trouble began when one of the male underagers punched his female companion in the face. Block 9, flat 8 began shouting back in a patronising manner. One student screamed: “Isn’t it past your bed time?” The young yobs were not happy with this.

      After several attempts to hit our window with various objects found on the street, Riego began to retaliate. 9/6 began throwing doughnuts and were extremely pleased when one “hit the little f***er right in the face”. The biggest complaint placed by the yobs was when one was “shot in the face with a BB gun”. This “BB gun” was fired from 9/8 by a fellow student and was the type of gun you can buy in a toy shop from the age of 5. These yobs turned out to be less hard than they put on as the boy with the injury caused by said gun was almost in tears.

     This is when the gang of yobs began to thicken. They appeared from both ends of the road, resulting in more than 10 of them. This is when a particularly clever male yob decided to attempt to climb up to us to “sort us out”. He should really have chosen a more sturdy climbing frame. The drainpipe broke, resulting in the young boy crashing to the ground and hitting his head. He remained stationary for more than 2 minutes. A seniour resident “thought he was dead” and rushed to the scene, despite the yobs threatening students with a knife. Once the boy had stood up, obviously having no serious injuries, the yobs decided it’d be a good idea to jump on a parked car whilst shouting more abuse at us. Finally, things calmed down when a seniour resident phoned the police.

      One police car turned up and the crowd of yobs scattered, allowing the police to only question a few of them. The biggest issue appears to be the “BB gun”. Students of Riego Street will never tell the police who fired the shot from the childrens toy for a plain and simple reason… It’s just not worth it.

      One of the yobs in question has been in similar trouble recently. Two students witnessed him being beaten by a 40 or so year old man outside West Tollcross. This was also due to similar behaviour. I don’t believe a 40 year old man should have taken matters into his own hands. However, I do hope these yobs get what’s coming to them.


6 Responses

  1. I heard all this ruckus! Good to know that Riego fought back and held it’s own in the siege…some people are so foolhardy!

  2. You set the scene very well here. In future, don’t waste doughnuts on these people though… 😉

  3. It was hilarious and of course Riego fought back! I’ve never met people more determined to win than those situated in Riego Street.

    And apologies for the wasted doughnuts! On second thoughts, that wasn’t the brightest idea. 😛

  4. And now me and my flat mates must attend a meeting with the accommodation officer… This should be fun. 😛

  5. LMAO! The one night I’m not in Charlotte’s flat…

  6. And now, after the meeting with Susan Burges, I am being fined for ‘anti social behaviour’ and the broken drainpipe. I gave no names. People had better help me pay this. I am not a happy bunny.

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