Should Chezza get the boot?

Although I didn’t catch XFactor on Sunday, I could hardly ignore what was going on, because my facebook went CRAZY of allegations that the XFactor was ‘a fix.’ And so interested to find out exactly what had happened, I did some searching on YouTube to find out what all the controversy was about.

As most of you will know, Katie and Treyc, both of whom share Cheryl Cole as a mentor, ended up in the bottom two. Without a doubt, this put Cheryl in a horrible position and she refused ‘point blank’ to vote for who she would be sending home. Though when Dermot appealed to her saying ‘this is part of the role,’ she replied saying ‘I don’t have to send anyone home.’

Hmmm…Well actually yes you do! He was right, it is her role. She’s paid £1.7 million a year to JUDGE, something which she did not do. And now her role on the US version of the XFactor is in jeopardy as executives thing she is not ‘strong enough’ to make important decisions.

Personally I am in two minds about the situation. I really like Cheryl, and It was an impossible decision. If I had to put myself in her shoes then I would find it heartbreaking to have to send someone I had mentored home, and in turn crush their dreams. It would have been so much fairer for her to vote to take the bottom two to ‘deadlock’ and therefore let the public decide. But as XFactor bosses have pointed out, that would have made the other judges votes pointless as the audience would have already know what was going to happen, and so they decided to leave it to the majority vote.

A Facebook group has been set up with the title ‘Sack Cheryl Cole’ as a result, and although we all know how much of an impact social media groups can have, I doubt this one will have any effect. In my opinion anyway, what does everyone else think?


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  1. I think it the XFactor bosses were wrong in their statement, because if 3 had voted in favour of one of the acts it would not have gone to deadlock – but Cheryl would still not have had to vote. I think she should have been made to vote but to make her vote second is wrong!

  2. I agree with you Alex, she should have voted, just as the last vote, so she could have indeed taken it to a dead lock. She may have felt uncomfortable saying one of the girls names, but she could have justified it by saying it was the only fair thing to do.

    On another Cheryl-type note, I had a bit of a rant about Cheryl Cole whilst having lunch yesturday as some of you may remember, which spurred me to watch her interview with Piers Morgan. After watching, I do take back a lot of the things I said about her yesturday, as sometimes, when somebody is so ‘out there’ in the public eye, it is easy to forget that they are infact a real person, with real feelings and who make genuine human mistakes in their lives. I really felt for her whilst watching her interview, I even shed a tear!! I think we should all take a step back and maybe stop criticisng a person who we don’t even know and let THEM paint a picture of themselves rather than us all hanging onto everything that the press publishes.

    Back to the blog though….haha, if Chezza had just asked to vote last, things could have turned out a lot differently, but hey….as if we have never made a rash decision in honour our emotions!

  3. I love Chezza!!!! x

  4. Kara, i was so going to write about this too!
    I don’t think she should get the boot because it was a hard decision, but i don’t think she should get the US job.
    She gets paid ridiculous amounts of money to do that job, and at the end of the day its a job! she can’t just do what she wants when shes given sooo much money for it. She should have brought it to deadlock, but like all the stuff the press have been saying about the producers already knowing she wouldn’t vote, if it’s true then she’s a complete joke. For all the people tht have lost their jobs or are scraping by, and she can’t even just do hers, but still gets paid! I feel sorry for Treyc though.

    And julia, when she got pied, i actually wondered what kinda makeup she has on her face since it still seemed perfect haha!

    Great blog kara!

  5. I found photos from right after the pied and her make up is all down her face. and I think she is great and baring in mind shes spent sooo much time with these girls and if she voted for tracy to stay in and katie stayed in that would be so awkward afterwards. I do think the UK has gone x factor CRAZYYYY.

    good blog Kara

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