plain brilliant site for ‘old souls’.

this one goes out for everyone who finds him/herself smiling when receiving real postcard or letter. for those who see e-mails and messages on facebook far too not-personal and rather cold. for those who are upset sunday morning as that is the only day in a week when postmen get to catch up with sleep as no mail has to be delivered. if there is anyone who kept nodding while reading this, than this site will be a real treat for you. is a site where you basicaly send and receive postcards from random people all around the globe. even though some people send absolutely cheesy and banal cards with roses and horses in sunset, most of them are interesting. to cut to the chase, it’s a great site to discover world piece by piece through postcards and maybe even find a firned from other side of the world. thanks to bavk in Latvia i had whole wall covered with postcards and now for about a year have a friend from Japan.

if you’re interested but strugling with anything there, give me a shout as i’ve been on it for about two years now. i guess that means i do have an old soul.


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  1. I send letters home despite the fact it is only 2 hours drive away, because I love reading what people are getting up to and nothing compares to seeing that someone has put the time and effort to handwrite something

    • i couldn’t agree more. receiving hand written letter from home (what is a bit further in my case) is not even worth comparing to that cold message in e-mail or fb.

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