Old School Riot!!!

Watching the news today it was dominated by the Protesting in London over University fees rising! What started off as a peaceful march through Westminster ended up with around 30 people getting arrested, around 10 in hospital including two police men and a standoff between the protestors and the police!

It was shocking to watch the events unfold, around 50,000 students and lectures turned up to protest against plans to treble tuition fee’s and cut university funding in England. The march ended up outside Millbank towers where the conservative party headquarters are based. Placards were set on fire, smashed windows and then the occupation and forced entry into the Millbank building!

It is not yet known yet whether the small minority of violent protesters where even students or whether they just hijacked the protest to get their own political view across; either way it has definitely made an impact in one way or another. there seemed to be a lot of disappointment when the students were being interviewed as they believed the violence just took the view away from the real reasons why they were there, to protest peacefully against increased tuition fee’s.

It was so exciting watching the protest and how passionate all the students and lectures were, I only wish I could have been there!


3 Responses

  1. it’s such a shame on the people that didn’t participate in the violence because the point hasn’t really be put across, it’s all news about the violence! great blog 🙂

  2. I am angry at those who turned it violent – there really wasn’t any need! It detracted from what the march was about, it showed the mass immaturity of many and brought into question whether people with these degree of morals should be allowed to study at University – or that is how I saw it anyway!

  3. I think the violence made a statement. I’m not saying I condone mindless violence and I dont think that was, it showed that the student community was serious about what they were protesting about. If you feel strongly about something you fight for it no?

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