Two thirty-four am dreamin’

So it’s 2:34am and I’ve just awoken from a dream/nightmare which wasn’t actually “scary” but I found myself wanting to wake myself up out of it nonetheless. There are two strange elements to this; firstly, the dream involved me and the rest of you reading this blog (although I did not see any of your faces, I definitely felt that I was with you, fellow journalist students!). We were walking up a hill through some woods by my house in the dead of night. Snow was falling heavily around us. We were following a “leader” (a figure dressed entirely in black, his or her face hidden) who walked beside an elephant. Yes. An elephant. This figure and animal then vanished, leaving us in a pitch black wood with no idea what to do. I sensed something coming towards us through the blackness. That’s when I woke up.

The second weird thing relates to why I might have actually had this dream. I ate cheese on toast while working away on the Introduction to Reporting and Social Media assessments, just before going to bed. So… am I enthralling myself too deeply into this course, does cheese really give you nightmares or both?!

I think dreams and nightmares are fascinating, largely because no one can really explain why we have them. They tend to involve people, places and circumstances in our lives. Sometimes we have lots of them, some months we seem to have none however we dream on average one or two hours every night – we often have 4-7 dreams per night – but simply don’t remember the majority of them when we wake up. Sometimes they involve aspects of our lives that are prominent at the time we dream them, other times they are completely random and unexplainable. Within 5 minutes of dreaming, we forget 50% of the dream. Within 10 minutes, 90% is forgotten but every one of us will have had at least one dream that has had such an impact that we can always remember we had it. One third of our lives is spent sleeping and in our lifetime we will have spent 6 years dreaming – that’s more than 2,100 days spent in a different world!

I will try to interpret the dream I’ve just had. I think it represents that we are all going uphill, battling on, to get as far as we can through the course, doing the best we can in our current situation. The snow may represent our assessments, hammering in to us, but they will clear out the way eventually. The dark may represent the relative unknown that we are yet to face. And the elephant and “figure of importance” leading us up the climb? Well… I’m not too sure. Do any of the module leaders own any large mammals that we don’t know about? Does the part of my dream where we are all left alone symbolise us finishing the course and finding our feet in the “real world” in 2014? Should I be eating cheese at this time of night again? I must be crackers.


7 Responses

  1. Brilliant blog George! After reading this blog I believe you are crackers!
    Nicely finished, very entertaining…. and very random as always.

  2. I remember a dream per night – but then I’m weird.

    And we can’t talk about dreams without bringing up Inception!

  3. I love dreams, and I used to always remember and love my own. However, it seems that since I moved here I can’t recall the visions I had in my semi-conscious state. Maybe it’s the air?

  4. loved ‘does cheese really give you a nightmaire’ line. rather brilliant blog!

  5. Thank you for your positive feedback, it’s a dream come true…

  6. Haha! Dreams are such an interesting thing to read about! And yours gave me a good ol’ giggle. I love finding out that people you consider normal have frickin weird dreams. Sometimes I get so into my dreams (which are unbelieveably strange) that I forget I am actually asleep. I wake up with tears streaming, or my heart pounding from a never-ending chase where my legs feel like they are running through thick cement.

    Apparently if you are a light sleeper you remember your dreams, but if you are a deep sleeper you can’t. I love your interpretation of your dream – very well thought out!

    Julia x

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