November 9th

1494 – The Family de’ Medici are expelled from Florence after ruling the land for some time. (This is a key part of the storyline for Assassins Creed II!)

1520 – 50 people are sentenced to death and executed in the Stockholm Bloodbath.

1888 – Jack The Ripper kills Mary Jane Kelly, his last known victim.

1921 – Albert Einstein is awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics.

1940 – Warsaw in Poland is awarded Virtuti Militari – the highest award for courage in the face of adversity.

1963 – At Miike coal mine, Japan, an explosion kills 458 and a further 839 are hospitalised with carbon monoxide poisoning.

1963 – In Yokohama, Japan, a three train disaster kills 160. (An awful day in history for Japan!)

1967 – First issue of Rolling Stone magazine is published.

2005 – Suicide bombers attack three hotels in Amman, Jordan, killing 60 people.


Neville Chamberlain – Prime Minister (d. 1940)

Number 1s

Vera Lynn and Frank Weir & His Saxophone, His Chorus and His Orchestra – My Son, My Son (1954)

Rolling Stones – Get Off Of My Cloud (1965)

Slade – Coz I Luv You (1971)

Chicago – If You Leave Me Now (1976)

Eddy Grant – I Don’t Wanna Dance (1982)

Aqua – Barbie Girl (1997)

Kylie Minogue – Slow (2003)

X Factor Finalists – Hero (2008)


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