November 8th

1519 – Herman Cortes is welcomed by the Aztecs as he encounters their city of Tenochtitlan. (Some of these words have apostrophe’s over them, but I don’t know how to do that on here!)

1745 – Charles Stuart, commonly known as Bonnie Prince Charlie, invades England with an army of 5000, as part of the Jacobite uprising.

1793 – The Louvre opens as a public museum.

1895 – Wilhelm Rontgen discovers the X-Ray while playing with electricity.

1937 – Der ewige Jude (The Eternal Jew) is an exhibition released in Munich as a propaganda technique used by the Nazi’s.

1939 – Georg Elser attempts to assassinate Adolf Hitler fail by a time frame of thirteen minutes. The events causing the assassination by bomb to fail suggest the World War II was pre-destined to happen.

1965 – The Death Penalty is given the chop (abolished) in the UK.

1973 – The right ear of John Paul Getty III is sent to a newspaper with a ransom note for $2.9million.

1976 – Thessaloniki is evacuated after a series of earthquakes.

1987 – A Provisional IRA bomb explodes in Northern Ireland at a Remembrance Day celebration – which was to commemorate the deaths of British troops in conflicts.


Bram Stoker – Novelist (1847), Jack Kilby – Electrical Engineer (JKCC at Merchiston, Edinburgh Napier – and the building I am writing this from!! – was named after him) (1923), Ken Dodd – Comedian (1927), Brett Lee – Cricketer (1976), Aaron Hughes – Footballer (1979), Joe Cole – Footballer (1981), Jack Osbourne – TV Personality (1985)


Robert Catesby – Brain behind Guy Fawkes attempt to blow up Parliament (d. 1605) (he was killed 3 days after the attempted assassination, after Guy Fawkes gave up the conspirators under torture), Doc Holliday – Gun Fighter (d.1887 of TB)

Holidays and Observances

World Urbanism Day – To celebrate planning going into creating a livable environment (International)

Number 1s

Johnston Brothers – Hernando’s Hideaway (1955)

Elvis Presley – It’s Now Or Never (1960)

Beach Boys – Good Vibrations (1966)

ABBA – The Name Of The Game (1977)

Billy Joel – Uptown Girl (1983)

T’Pau – China In Your Hand (1987)

Boyz II Men – End Of The Road (1992)

Cher – Believe (1998)

JLS – Everybody In Love (2009)


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