celeb crazy? blood? life changing?

Hey class 🙂

I was just online catching up on my celebrity gossip (face it we all have this habit, yeah?) When an article titled ‘Cheryl Cole admits blood type diet’ – intrigued I clicked on it and read the article. It mentioned increased energy which during the autumn/winter months I am always lacking.

I then Googled ‘blood type diets’ then clicked on the first website http://www.dadamo.com

By the way this will make no sense unless you know your blood type. It takes 2 minutes to get tested or it’ll be on your medical records – if you phone up your GP.

The website http://www.dadamo.com is very interesting and informative.

Did you know that you can tell some things about people’s personalities by their blood type?

I am Type O,  according to this I am responsible, decisive, organized, objective, rule-conscious, and practical. The Type O response can cause bouts of excessive anger, temper tantrums, hyperactivity and even create a severe enough chemical imbalance to bring about a manic episode. (as my lovely mother nicely put “that’s you in a nutshell”, cheers for that) Gets bored easily, over tired, impulsive and wants to change everything. Apparently I want to over spend when stressed – who doesn’t?

Apparently I’ve to avoid wheat, dairy, caffeine and alcohol. AHHHH that is my life! I’m very much considering giving this a go.

Hope you find this as interesting as I did,

Kirsty Bruce




One Response

  1. Kirsty this is a strange and great blog! ive just googled it there too and im dying to know my blood type! Its so weird though!
    I loved the ‘in a nutshell’ comment haha!

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