Enter the void….if you dare!

So the other week I went with friends to go and watch Enter the Void, which is a French film written and directed by Gasper Noe, labeled by Noe as a ‘psychedelic melodrama.’ The films description sounded good but nothing I had never heard off before; however I should have known that I was in for a shock when buying my tickets I was asked three times if I was sure I wanted to watch it! I just thought he was trying to be funny but it turns out he was just trying to warn me to what lay ahead.
This film is difficult to explain but I will try my best, but without giving too much away!

The story is set in Tokyo where it focuses on Oscar, a young American drug dealer who gets shot by the police, but continues to watch over his sister Linda as a ghost. The camera follows Oscar from behind his head during scenes in which he is alive. After his death, the view hovers over Tokyo through walls and across buildings.

Interspersed through these scenes of Linda there are Oscar’s memories of his past; his relationships with his sister and mother which are both sexually suggestive. The last scene is a flashback to Oscar’s birth.

The visual conception: Noé had said to have tried various hallucinogens in his youth and used those experiences as inspiration for the visual style. Since only a few in the design team had ever taken drugs, it became necessary for Noé to collect and provide visual references in the forms of paintings, photographs, music videos and excerpts from films.

My own view of the film is that it is technically stunning, provocative, painfully long but that i could stare at the film for days and days and not really get tired of the sensation that the imagery brings. I would recommend this film to anyone, but it’s by no means an easy watch and you wont leave the cinema feeling relaxed and happy, probably the opposite, but still there is something addictive about Enter the void.

p.s. A warning this film is really not one to watch with grandparents, parents or really on a first date!

Enjoy the film!!!!!


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  1. haha this film I wrote about 3 weeks ago and it was when I had a disaster of a time! – Just goes to show people have different tastes in films!! I was utterly shocked and disgusted by it – and I am not one to appreciate boundaries – ahem – being pushed, but if you enjoyed it I am glad Fran!

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