Cohen Kicked In Strange Circumstances

A scandal took hold on the X-Factor tonight as Treyc Cohen was sent home in rather contentious circumstances. Cheryl, both girls’ mentor, was not given the chance to vote by host Dermot O’Leary.

After the sing off, in which Katie sang Please Don’t Give Up On Me and Treyc did a rendition of Unbreak My Heart, Dermot O’Leary asked the judges to nominate who they wanted to leave the show.

Simon Cowell labelled Treyc as the better singer of the two whilst Katie was more of an entertainer. And in the singing talent competition, Simon opted to put Katie through.

The Dermot turned to Cheryl. As Cheryl is both of the girls’ mentor, she should have had the option to vote last as has been the case in the same circumstances for the rest of this series so far. When asked to vote second Cheryl replied with a rather bemused ‘me!?’

Dermot persisted for an answer and Cheryl told him she wasn’t going to vote until the other two judges, Louis Walsh and Danii Minogue, had cast their votes. She said she would send it to a deadlock based on what the other verdicts were. Danii next and she voted for Katie to leave the competition.

Louis voted with his heart over his head in a decision which saved Katie and sent Treyc home. 2-1 in favour of Katie staying.

Then the concluding music began and Treyc was sent home. Cheryl didn’t get a chance to vote and send it to deadlock like she said she would. So Treyc was booted from the show and Katie stays, but it should have been sent to the public vote.

Once again the X-Factor provides us with another scandal – and it is still playing with people’s hopes and dreams. While Wagner remains, Treyc leaves as the competition hots up. Nine acts left, one more goes next weekend.


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  1. Well written here – after looking at different styles of newspapers I’m figuring you may have had The Sun or the Daily Star in mind when writing this? Having said that, I doubt the word “contentious” would crop up in either publication, although “scandal” and paragraph 3 would! This “story” is perfect fodder for the tabloids to gnaw away on for the majority of next week I’m guessing. Just looked at The Sun website… “Treyc you later” – another classic headline! Controversial stuff.

    • I couldn’t pun it – and it took The Sun all night to come up with that. I published this about 10 minutes behind the nationals, so I’m quite proud with my efforts haha. It seems nobody has picked up on the scandal though!!

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