Have we all gone Gaga?

While browsing through Facebook during the early hours, I came across a status which made me look twice and re-read ten times over. It was by a renowned Lady Gaga fan, a boy from my old school and it read:

“SO..it would seem i’m going to the University of Colorado…A FULL DEGREE COURSE ON THE SOCIOLOGY OF LADY GAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A WHOLE COURSE, ON HER! HEAVEN! ♥”

To prove the credibility of this announcement, I researched this Gaga course on Google, and lo and behold, it really does exist. Yes. Really.

Apparently the University of South Carolina in the United States is offering a course to undergraduates next spring on the Fame Monster herself, Lady Gaga or Stefani Germanotta as she is known in her mortal form. Sociology professor and Lady Gaga fan Mathieu Deflem describes how the course will examine Lady Gaga’s successful rise to fame and the social construction of fame itself. The course material will also cover the powerful grasp that Lady Gaga has on the public.

“We’re going to look at Lady Gaga as a social event,” said Deflem, who maintains the Gaga fan site GagaFrontRow.net. “So it’s not the person, and it’s not the music. It’s more this thing out there in society that has 10 million followers on Facebook and 6 million on Twitter. I mean, that’s a social phenomenon. It’s a global social phenomenon.”

Personally, I find this all completely Gaga. It appears a Gaga-crazed fan has used his position to fulfil his obsession with Stefani Germanotta’s alter-ego through a university course to bring other Gaga-fans together in a frenzied worship of a not-too original famous idol. Lady Gaga is not new. Outrageous performers have been and gone before her, such as the likes of Madonna and her infamous ‘cone bra’ and Freddie Mercury and his ability to capture and sway an audience during one of his Queen concerts while he was still alive.

Either I am completely missing something, or Lady Gaga is suddenly worth getting a degree and a future in. I think I’d rather stick with reliable old journalism actually. At least it will not sink into the background like Lady Gaga when the fickle love of her fans turns to the next outrageous pop star to burst on the scenes of the generic music industry.


Video courtesy of YouTube


8 Responses

  1. I saw this the other day on the news – I had to check the date to make sure it wasn’t April Fools Day!! Gaga isn’t quite as talented as Freddy Mercury, but he IS the single most talented man ever to live!

  2. The world has gone mad! What does a degree in Lady Gaga qualify them to do?

  3. Heard about this – nuts! I’m glad i’m not the only one finding that crazy.

  4. When graduating you’d probably Just Dance, tell your Mum about it on the Telephone, try to get in a newspaper by getting the Paparazzi to get a pic of you, and put on a Pokerface as you’d be pretty embarassed to say you have a Lady Gaga qualification – waste of time.

  5. franny, pack your bags – we’re going to colorado!

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