If you like Jeeves and Wooster, you’ll love this…

When I first saw the advert for The Importance of Being Earnest I had to know more. I have never read any Oscar Wilde, knowing his works only by reputation. Scanning the poster a second time, I found that we are in the middle of the “autumn of love” at the Royal Lyceum Theatre. Which girl could resist?

So, on Tuesday evening I took a trip to the theatre to see  Oscar Wilde’s wonderful The Importance of Being Earnest. Having not been to the theatre for quite a while, I was really excited. After class (and a spot of after uni shopping) a few friends and I went to Lazio’s, a really nice little Italian restaurant on Lothian Road. Once we had had a lovely meal and some “intelligent” conversation we set off along the road in anticipation for the Lyceum.

Picture from Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh webpage http://www.lyceum.org.uk/webpages/show_info.php?id=1002

Sitting poised at the edge of my seat, waiting for the curtain to rise, I flicked through my programme. After a brief history of Wilde’s struggle with this play and sketches of the costume designs, I came across the cast list and biographies. Many of the actors in Earnest had also appeared in the Lyceum’s earlier production of Romeo and Juliet, so I was looking forward to seeing the rapport between them.

Director Mark Thomson’s production turned out to be an exceptional showcase of talent. The actors played their roles with passion and credibility, pulling the audience into the story with great ease. The witty antics during the play consistently had the whole audience in laughter. With children found in handbags, women refusing to marry anybody not called Ernest, men trying to change their names to get the girls, muddled up engagements and confusion surrounding all the characters there is never a dull moment. I will make a point of reading and watching more Wilde plays.


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