Gents Only

While getting a trim this week after scouring the web for a reputable men’s hairdressers (Over the years I’ve found if you pay cheap, you’ll end up butchered), I got chatting to my Glaswegian Barber about a number of subjects; England, Scotland, Old Firm and good nights out in the Burgh. Another subject brought up was the ‘Movember’ campaign which is a simple idea that men have the 4 weeks of November to grow themselves a rather debonair moustache and act like a true gentleman (look respectable in public, smoke cigars, don’t urinate in an alleyway when you can’t find a toilet, don’t watch Cash in the Attic in your pants when you have company) all in aid of raising awareness of prostate cancer; a cancer which affects 1 in 10 men, a frightening statistic.

After finding that my barber was backing the ‘mo’ and seeing that quite frankly, his attempt so far had been piss-poor to say the least, I decided I would get involved even with my boyish features and lack of George-Michael-esque facial hair. Edinburgh does seem geared to the cause with a ‘118’ theme night at the Hive to take place on the 1st December, where there’ll be more moustache than a Freddie Mercury look-alike competition. Anyway, I urge the males of the class to do the same in aid of a good cause and I hope that the females of the class won’t be too swooned by our new manly aura.


2 Responses

  1. We’ll try our hardest to keep our hands off you 😉

  2. It’s ok mate, beat you to joining the campaign 😛 who out of the whole class will have the best tache?

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