Loch Lomond, Loch Ness, Loch Dowt

A teenager in Scotland was left stranded last night after he lost his keys and had no idea where they could be. Alex Neal, 18, was quoted as saying “oh F*ck!” upon realising that his keys were missing as he tried to get into his flat on West Bryson Road.

So, it started up at Uni for the lecture by James (good lecture, very interesting!) and all was going smoothly. After the lecture, during the two hour break, I went to the LRC as I normally do and worked for two hours on my blog and coursework. The tutorial passed quickly and before I knew it I was on the 21 to George IV Bridge with some of my fellow classmates.

Lovely conversation and even nicer food, the Three Sisters really was the best place to be on a Wednesday evening. The football came on the telly and I got engrossed in that as all of my friends had left. Half time came, and with that I decided to walk to Circus Casino at Fountain Park to kill time until the second half kicked off.

I got there, sat and watched the 40 minutes remaining of the game (Chelsea won 4-1) then turned and was faced with flashing lights and a little voice appeared saying “Sit down, it is only a small bet.” It was, and I walked out half an hour later, head held high, with ten pounds more than I went in with. Fantastic. Great night. What could go wrong?

Alex Neal, 18, was quoted as saying “oh F*ck!” upon realising that his keys were missing as he tried to get into his flat on West Bryson Road…and I hadn’t been back to the flat since I left for my lecture that morning! So my keys could, quite literally, be anywhere!

Having worn the carpet out of the communal area (after my flat mate let me into the main flat), I couldn’t settle until I had tried looking for my keys, nor did I have anywhere to settle unless I found them. So I walked back to the casino. Another £11 in pocket, but no keys.

I was really shitting bricks now as my flat mate had told me it is a £50 fine to get a replacement key.

In my panicking madness, I decided it would be a good idea to walk to the Three Sisters and check there, just in case I had left them on a table or something. The walk took about 30 minutes and involved me phoning everyone I had been with that night, asking if they remembered seeing my keys. Nobody had seen them – and they weren’t at the Three Sisters. I did bump into Eva Deckers who upon hearing my story was getting rather excited that I may write a blog sequencing events..

I phoned one of my friends at Edinburgh University and asked if he had a floor to crash on for the night. I thought I had heard a yes just before a ‘boop boop boop’ noise signalled that my phone was dead. Good news is, my phone charger was locked in my room…

As I arrived at Pollock Halls, after another 40 minutes worth of walking, my friend was outside to greet me and walk me to his place. I was soaked from head to foot by this stage.

Sleeping in the clothes I was wearing with no pillow or duvet or nice warm comfy bed..needless to say it wasn’t the best night’s sleep I had ever had. On the back of a poor night’s sleep, I had to walk an hour and twenty minutes to Craighouse as I had no money with me to pay for a bus fare.

Upon seeing many busses pass me with big letters of CRAIGHOUSE written on (it may as well have been in neon flashing lights the amount it was rubbing it in my face!) I arrived at 10:23. I visited the room we had the tutorial in yesterday, and there, gloating and laughing, were the most beautiful set of keys I have ever seen.


4 Responses

  1. Oh Alex, I felt for you there! I’ve had similar (although probably less traumatic) experiences in the past so I can imagine how you felt.
    Glad you found them in the end but at least the story lead to a very entertaining and skillfully written blog.

  2. Aw-haw! At least you found them in the end, poor thing.

    I agree with Sam, very entertaining blog.

  3. You were right, hilarious! Glad you found them in the end!

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