At present, I am at my home in Stornoway. This is the first time I’ve been home since Uni began. I actually find myself feeling homesick for my student flat! This is a surprise to me. I was incredibly excited to be returning home, seeing my family and friends. However, now all I want to do is go back to Riego Street! This is truly bizarre.


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  1. I’m back home in Fife at the moment for a birthday party on Saturday and decided to stay with the family for a few nights. I’ve got to admit that I’m also finding it a bit boring. On the other hand, there’s nothing quite like my mum’s cooking! Great to have a proper meal other than Fray Bentos pies or Farmfoods chicken wings!

  2. Had the exact same experience when I went back to Finland for my dad’s 50th birthday. Family’s always good, but home is here now!

  3. Haven’t been home since I moved, don’t plan on it until Christmas. I kind of thought of Edinburgh/Glasgow as my adopted home for the past year anyway – I spent so much of time in and out of there for gigs and whatnot – so it didn’t feel too much live like “leaving home” as it did just moving out. Funny how attached you can get in such a short space of time, though.. I couldn’t imagine myself going back to Thurso now.

  4. It’s crazy! I get confused trying to explain to friends when I’m going back home. Is Edinburgh my new home? It’s so confusing!

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