Cut the guy some slack.

For two years Obama has been pacing the carpeted floor of the White House. For two years, his hair has dealt with the stress, in the only way it knows how,by turning grey. So what did he achieve; the economic stimulus package, the Health care reform and The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Apparently, that’s not good enough for the Americans. He warned it wouldn’t be easy, but if they all stuck together, they would come out on top. It was all just words it seems, as his followers bolted at the first sign of trouble.Obama tags a “but..” at the end of his euphoric slogan, “Yes we can..”and suffered a degrading defeat in this years midterm elections.

I say, give the poor guy a break, one can’t blame him for the economic downturn. Look around you, we’re all suffering. Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Iceland, all a mess.Where is their loyalty? The thing that bugs me is that George Bush can rule for eight years, without as much as a puzzled look. Eight years! My sincerest apologies, and these are my views alone, not that of Napier Social Media, But Bush is a fool. You can even buy posters as proof.

But even  Bush has nothing on President Obama’s new rival for the White House’s mahogany desk. Give it up for the Tea Party Candidate Christine O’Donnell, the pro-gun, anti-abortion, masturbation hater. Has the world gone mad? Go back to Obama, cut the poor guy some slack. He’s got style, charisma and hope. All he needs now is a bit of support from the people.


2 Responses

  1. I never fully understood how Bush could get away with such obscenities, but Obama gets such shit thrown to his head? Don’t they recognize a true leader or at least helper when he arrives?

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