Suspicious package found at Glasgow Airport

BBC news have just revaled that a suspicious package has been found in the search area at Glasgow Airport.

I have just watched BBC News at Ten live and their latest information said that the search area has been cordoned off but that the airport remains open.

As I’m searching this on Google I can see feeds from Twitter which is inundated with speculation over the situation and many tweets state that the airport is now being evacuated. Apparently, The Royal Navy Bomb Disposal team are in attendance and are preparing to detonate the package. Hopefully this does not turn out to be a huge waste of resources as another tweeter has just informed us that the package is in fact, a haggis.

I have just tried to log in to my Twitter account in the hope of finding more credible tweets but I have been greeted with a welcome message which says that Twitter is currently “Over Capacity.”

I heard this on the news ten minutes ago and began searching Google instantly. I found one result from BBC News. I have just searched again and there are now  literally hundreds of posts and the updates are constant.

I think we all know what tomorrow’s big Scottish news story will be.

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  1. I, and I’m sure many others, were to surpised to see how quickly this story fizzled out, due to package having a “safe” status a few hours after it was deemed “suspicious”. The Sky News website, which tends to be one of the first news outlets to publish “breaking news” barely mentioned it, but I’m sure it would be deemed more substantial if a similar incident occured at London Gatwick or Heathrow. With other aeroplane package stories recently being published, it’s unclear to see why this scare did not have more prominence – it would be perfect to include in a story that was taking a different angle to the other suspicious-package stories.

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