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In an ideal world, I would wake up in the morning feeling bright, breezy and ready to take on the world. I would get ready, make breakfast and sit down to watch the morning news, before heading out to start my day. But we don’t live in an ideal world (well, I don’t anyway) and, as it currently stands, my mornings are spent flailing around in a vain attempt to be on time. With a cup of take-out coffee in one hand and change for the bus in the other, I generally no idea what has gone on in the world during those four hours that I attempted to sleep.

Clambering aboard for the commute to university or work is where I usually steal time to myself; whether it’s by checking emails on my Blackberry, reading my Twitter feed or grabbing a copy of the Metro. The fact is, I keep up with the world in whatever way is the most convenient at the time. My web browser opens to BBC news, I follow various news outlets on Twitter and I grab newspapers that are left lying around buses and trains. I don’t usually have to make much of an effort to keep ‘in touch’ with the world, because it’s all there. From the big screen in Festival Square as I walk back to my flat at the end of the day to as-it-happens news websites, news is readily available everywhere. Always.

Today we’re spoilt for choice, although I can’t say that I have a personal preference. I like newspapers, I guess – the awkwardly large broadsheets that force the stranger sat next to you on the train to engage in whatever headline you’re reading; a medium that still employs the traditional values of journalism. As the internet becomes an ever-popular way to keep up with the headlines, newspapers such as The Times have introduced online paywalls for dedicated readership online. Radio and television still stand strong, with the introduction of similarly informative podcasts and ‘iPlayer’ which means news can be absorbed while people are ‘on the move’.

The most popular news outlet is no longer black and white. Quality journalism can now be found, quite literally, everywhere. The real question is, where do you find it?


2 Responses

  1. I really like this blog nicola! Love the writing style, good topic as well. We are surrounded by news and yet it seems a bit hard to find new news ourselves…

  2. Nicola this is a great blog. I agree with Eva about the writing style.
    I find my news wherever I can as you do, online, papers and radio mainly. I hardly ever watch it on TV as it’s difficult to be in front of the TV at broadcast times so I usually watch the iplayer.
    I don’t favour one medium to another and you’re right, news is very accessible so it comes down to what is convenient when you need it.

    Lisa. x

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