Creativity online for Nerds and Anime Freaks

Having not much success in finding a social networking site which is obviously useful for journalism, I’ve decided to blog about one in which I regularly look at called ’deviantART’ instead as I regularly visit it.

‘DeviantART’ is an online community which showcases the artwork of its members. I have joined it myself, but prefer to enjoy the art submitted by the others. Members have a profile and a gallery where you can view their artwork and learn a bit about them as individuals. From my perspective, the ‘type’ of person to join ‘deviantArt’ likes to indulge in the ‘nerdier’ side of life. One of the most common sights on ‘deviantART’ is fan-art of anime characters such as Naruto and of course, Sailor Moon my favourite fictional super heroine. It is also good for a bit of online paper doll dressing up Flash games if you feel like being five years old again.

If you want to embrace your inner ‘arty-nerd’, then I recommend this site:

Psst! Find me and my ‘art work’ here


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