The name game

After 14 years at the top, Jack is no longer the most popular boy’s name in England and Wales –  Oliver has taken the top spot. Olivia is the most popular given girls name for a second year running. The Office for National Statistics recently confirmed that 7,364 Olivers and 5,201 Olivias were born out of the 702,248 total arrivals in 2009. The influence of celebrities in Britain is also apparent in regards to the selection of a name as 282 Brooklyns, 78 Romeos and 73 Cruzs were born in 2009 in England and Wales, most likely because David and Victoria Beckham chose such names.

You can search for the meaning of virtually any name on the web. My name apparently means “farmer” or “earth worker” – now, you don’t see me ploughing fields all day but I do feel I’ve developed a good work ethic over the years so perhaps by being called George my desire to work hard on Earth has increased – but I very much doubt it’s because of what I was named.

In week eight’s Social Media lecture, James talked about journalism as brand and in the business sense their name is essentially their brand, hence it is significantly important. The insurance company Norwich Union recently changed their name to Aviva because “the Aviva brand brings together more than 40 different trading names around the world. Extensive research showed us that none of the existing names had the potential to become a truly global brand”. If a business does something wrong their name is detrimentally tainted – look at Northern Rock and Toyota who have now had to spend vast amounts of money on rebuilding their images in an attempt to survive. In some instances we call everyday items after very successful brands. I’m figuring you would not say “I am borrowing your vacuum cleaner to vacuum up the sticky tape” – instead you would say “I am borrowing your hoover to hoover up the sellotape”. Whether you would ever be in the situation to say either of these sentences is a different matter, but you get what I’m saying.

Unusual names for newborns are becoming increasingly present in today’s society. Jamie Oliver’s children are called Daisy Boo, Poppy Honey, Petal Blossom and Buddy Bear Maurice! Peter Andre & Katie Price’s daughter is called Princess Tiaamii and one of Chris Martin & Gwyneth Paltrow’s children is called Apple. If people want to name their children after fruit and flowers then let them. Try searching your name and see if you are who you are today because of the name you were blessed with.


6 Responses

  1. well written george – I am ‘defender of men’ named after Alexander The Great – and in a way it is true – I try to break up conflicts and protect people from being hurt…

  2. Nice blog!

    Julia means ‘youthful and Jove’s child’ which I can totally agree with cause I never want to grow up.

    I also found this disheartening definition of Julia:

    “Julia, the name has a description or meaning which is from a Roman family name, meaning ‘bumfluff’.”

    My life is complete! X

  3. Sam apparently means ‘heard by God.’

    Not quite sure what to make of that seeing as I’m an atheist.

    Although my dad, (who is called Oliver) will be glad to know his name is coming back into fashion.

  4. My sister is called Abigail – and that means father rejoices. My parents didn’t know this at the time, and my dad had just sat up in bed one night and said “we are going to have a girl and she will be called abigail” – my mum had a girl so they named her abigail…and later found it spooky that it means father rejoices…

  5. Thank you men-defender, God-communicator and bumfluff for your comments 😛 – your findings are interesting.

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