November 2nd

1889 – North and South Dakota are declared states, becoming the 39th and 40th states respectively.

1914 – Russia declares war on the Ottoman Empire at the beginning of the First World War.

1920 – The first commercial radio station in America broadcasts under the name KDKA, and broadcasts about the US Presidential Election.

1936 – The Canadian Broadcasting Company is established (In Canada. Canada’s version of the BBC)

1936 – The BBC initiates the BBC Television Service (renamed BBC1 IN 1964) becomes the world’s first regular service. (It is an important day for Broadcasters worldwide!! The third big broadcaster’s story!)

1947 – The maiden and only ever flight of a prototype aeroplane, nicknamed the “Spruce Goose”, occurs. The plane has the largest wingspan of any plane in history and was made almost completely of wood.

1959 – Charles Van Doren admits being given the questions and answers before his appearance on an American quiz show. This created a huge scandal. (This incident is similar to the X-Factor vote fixing scandal of 2 years ago!)

1959 – The first section of the M1 is opened.

1965 – A 31 year old Quaker protests the use of Napalm in Vietnam by setting himself on fire in front of the Pentagon.


1898 – The first ever cheerleading group starts by cheering on Minnesota American Football team.


Marie Antoinette – Queen of France (1755), David Schwimmer – Actor (1966), Nelly – American rapper (1977)


Hal Roach – Director (Directed Laurel And Hardy) (d.1992), Eva Cassidy – Singer (1996)

Number 1s

Vera Lynn and Frank Weir & His Saxophone, Chorus and Orchestra – My Son, My Son (1954) (Could they not have shortened the artist name…?)

Cliff Richard and The Shadows – Travellin’ Light (1959)

Rolling Stones – Get Off Of My Cloud (1965)

Rod Stewart – Maggie May (1971)

Pussycat – Mississippi (1976) (I will never ever forget how to spell Misisipi…oops!)

Culture Club – Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? (1982)

Aqua – Barbie Girl (1997) (Victory for cheesy pop!!)

Fatman Scoop featuring The Crooklyn Clan – Be Faithful (2003)

Xfactor Finalists – Hero (2008)


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