Inside I’m dancing.  🙂

Lately, I just cannot seem to stop dancing and prancing around the place. My body seems to just move by itself these days and I hardly even notice I’m doing it! I’ve been feeling really optimistic over the last few weeks and I think my body has just absent-mindedly found a way to express it! Just over a month ago I wasn’t really enjoying living in Edinburgh. Strange as this may sound to you all, the lack of shower space was frying my brain! (Boys, close your ears!) Leg shaving is in itself a task here in these student accommodation flats! I just can’t move anywhere! It feels like mission impossible! That could have something to do with the fact that I’m unbelievably awkward but anyway..moving swiftly on… I was getting peeved off with the constant lack of money to buy food, so I went back to Ireland for some mothering. My workload felt like Mount Everest at one point. Everything in my flat seemed to break such as the mop, kettle, shower and toilet. Not being able to pop downstairs and give my dog a cuddle was really getting to me too and I felt like all my family were millions of miles away.

Then the sun shone.

Like literally. The sun came out one morning and I woke up in a very,very good mood. I popped on my speakers and couldn’t help but prance around my room! I even danced in the shower that I would usually much rather moan about. The kitchen needed a good ‘oul clean so I brought my speakers in and some kind of Cinderella housemaid awoke inside of me which I never knew was there before. I think I got a tad carried away though. I caught sight of myself in the window, wet plate in one hand, tea towel in the other, moving like a madwoman to ‘Billie Jean’ by Micheal Jackson. Anyone who couldn’t hear my music must have thought that I was a knife short of a cutlery box! Which is probably what the residents across the road were thinking judging by the stunned look on their faces. However, I was in such a good mood that I couldn’t care less, and so, I continued to make a fool out of myself.

Halloween night I took a quick trip to Asda for some essentials and I just got this sudden urge to let go and dance like some deranged creature! I couldn’t help it, the mood was right and the music was right as Micheal Jackson’s ‘Rock With You’ comforted my ears. ( Yes, I am a big Jacko fan and proud!)  I couldn’t stop myself from skipping, swaying my head and clicking my fingers. Believe me, that was me showing restraint because I was in such a mood to just let go and dance like I never had before! I may have thrown a few twirls in here and there when the chorus was playing but hey, why not?

I have a challenge for you! Click on the link I’m going to give you and take a listen. I guarantee you that even if you don’t want to, you’ll get the urge to move. If you’re tuned in at all, you will already have an idea about what you’re going to be listening to…Oh, and before you click on the link, remember…FULL VOLUME!


I also feel that this photo is appropriate 🙂

I took a stroll to Merchiston the other evening to return some books to the library and the heavens completely opened, drenching me to the bone. I was in such a good mood that I just couldn’t help but dance in the rain! My hair was dripping, my clothes were drenched and I was absolutely freezing but I honestly didn’t care! I was having a great time bopping around in the raindrops, as strange as I may have looked to the local residents!

I don’t know what it is that’s got me in such a great mood over the last while. If I could bottle it and give it to you I would because I feel fantastic! Trips to Asda have become fun, washing the dishes doesn’t feel like a chore and spending half an hour in my horrendous shower doesn’t seem so bad anymore. Is it because I’m finally starting to settle in here, not missing home so much and actually really starting to enjoy myself? I’ve been really starting to love life here over the past few weeks and it feels like dancing my heart out seems to be the only way to express it. Call me weird, call me absolutely off my nut, call me whatever you like but if you’re feeling down, my advice? Dance on the street, in the rain, in the shower, on your way to Asda or even whilst writing your blogs! Dancing has become my remedy, I recommend you try it sometime. 🙂

As Irene Cara famously sang: “What a feeling! Bein’s believin’! I can have it all now I’m dancing for my life. Take your passion! And make it happen! Pictures come alive, you can dance right through your life!”

Here, why not take a listen. It might cheer you up! 🙂


On that note, I’m off for a shower and yes, I will more than likely be dancing to my heart’s content for the next half an hour, if not longer!






4 Responses

  1. Fantastic blog here, perfect reading for a cold, dark, damp night / week. What do you think of “Remember the time” and “Rock my world”? All his “well-known over-played” classics are great but those two lesser-known tracks in particular are pretty decent too!

  2. Love it!!
    Today I was dancing in my car while driving to uni listening to the Barenaked Ladies – One Week. That song always puts me in a good mood!

  3. You are totally right about dancing being a remedy! I think there is nothing better. Just getting into the zone, not caring who sees and totally letting yourself go. You may look daft – but you feel great. The funniest thing about your blog is that I got the impression that you dance alone – which is something I can TOTALLY relate to. Fair enough, dancing whilst in company is fun, but you have to restrain yourself to a certain extent. I just love making my day brighter by grabbing a mop, cranking up ‘Dude Looks Like a Lady’ and shaking it like ole Mrs D. herself.


    Great blog x

    Julia x

    • Dude Looks Like A Lady? – Julia I never had you down as being a rocker!!!
      I enjoy grabbing a mop and dancing to I Want To Break Free – just like Freddy!!

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