Halloween Special

Last Saturday me and my friends were indulging in a pre ABC Glasgow tipple at my house for the Halloween night.  With everyone in their get ups, I remembered the night before when I was watching the Simpsons.  It was the Halloween Special when a witch turns everyone into what they had actually dressed up as, so I looked around at my friends to see what they would be.

Sophie would have become Little Bo Peep; Calvin would have become Woody from Toy Story; Jimmy would have become Jack Sparrow…Sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow; I would have become Audrey Hepburn; Philip would have become a Smurf and then I looked at Damo….

You see, Damo was wearing a 7 year old’s camel costume… the feet were at his knees and he had to slouch otherwise… somewhere… would have been exceedingly snug and rather uncomfortable.

I just started laughing and trying to imagine what would actually happen if this fantasy would seriously come to pass (I am a dreamer, guys).

So here’s the new game, a Halloween Special if you will, think of what you were, who you were with or even just the funniest costume you’ve seen this weekend and post it.

A coconut for whoever’s got the funniest!!…kidding I’m not that wealthy at the moment… 🙂

PS. Here’s a joke a six-year-old trick or treater told me…

Waant tae heer the joke aboot butter?


Fuck aff, ye’ll spread it!…Ahh Glasweigan children… How cute…


One Response

  1. I dressed up as Hitler (an in joke at my old school, suggesting I look like Hitler, which I do, and the party was with them so I grew a tache and styled mt hair) – so I would be Adolf Hitler…

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