Daybreak Disaster

The worst breakfast morning show ever? Maybe. The ratings of ITV’s new breakfast show, ‘Daybreak’, have slipped tremendously since the show launched in early September this year. With over one million viewers tuning in to see the opening edition of the new show, ITV’s producers must have thought it would make more than an adequate replacement for long running GMTV. But after the ratings plumitted to 500,000 viewers in the last couple of weeks, this was a cause for concern.

   Having never seen the show myself, I was in no position to criticise, but couldn’t help but think, ‘Can it be that bad?’ So I decided to become one of those 500,000 viewers by watching the show to find out (albeit watching online because I would never be up early enough to watch the show live!)

  I am a fan of Adrian Chiles, having watched him on the One Show and Match of the Day 2, and think he’s quite witty and likeable, but when he’s on ‘Daybreak’… boring and uninteresting spring to mind. His co-presenter Christine Bleakley doesn’t exactly make things better. It almost seems like they’re trying too hard, and in my opinion, their efforts aren’t paying off! I’m not sure if it’s the gloomy ‘morning’ studio that is giving me this impression, but I do know that I’m not the only one who feels this way. Maybe because I’ve watched the show with a pre-conceived idea from the stories in the news, I’ve just jumped on the ‘band wagon’, but I certainly don’t think watching it again will change my mind!


3 Responses

  1. The problem is with it being morning TV, Adrian and Christine have to hold back their sexual chemistry which made them so popular on the one show!!

  2. Great blog. They say “don’t fix it if it’s broken” but ITV insist that GMTV was failing, despite the vast public opinion now that GMTV was much better than Daybreak is. On paper it should work but Alex is right, the time of day means they can’t be as “flirtatious”, although the line between “chemistry” and “flirting” can be easily crossed. Essentially, Adrian Chiles is a good presenter but his humour and dull/low voice do not suit morning television. Who knows what ITV will do to resolve the issue, they’ve spent an absolute fortune already, how much is it going to cost to draw in more viewers and welcome back “ex-viewers” (although they say Daybreak is “different” to GMTV, which it is in a way but it is still aimed at the traditional ITV morning audience who seem to have jumped ship to BBC1).
    By the way, where did you view this online? I couldn’t find it on the ITV/STV player or on the Daybreak website, I only watched a few Youtube clips…

  3. ITV must have read my comment, agreed, and have subsequently given Chiles his own show not in the morning! More here:

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