There are over 1.8 Million people unemployed in Britain. It costs the tax payer over £60,000,000 every year for these people’s benefits. In Britain alone there are 8 million illiterate adults, most who have had no form of education. Crime in Britain costs an unbelievable £5900,000,000 per year. These facts make for grim readings. And it will only get worse. Soon Britain may be a country spiralling out of control. Is there any solution to this? I think there might be.

National Service. It is an idea I have been mulling over for quite some time. I am not talking about the national service of old either. This service would not be solely to create more soldiers for war, taking honest people out of a living and thrusting them into the middle of a battleground. No, this national service would be to teach, and provide.

In India there is something called the NSS(National Service Scheme). It is designed to teach primary school graduates about hard work in their community, and respect to other people. It will take children out to do things like street cleaning, or afforestation, or stage shows that teach them about social problems, education and cleanliness. Everyone in India agrees that this is a great thing and has taught their children how to become better people.

This is the type of thing Britain needs. Too many young people are growing up deprived of family support, deprived of shelter, deprived of education, deprived from opportunities to make something of their lives. They take to the streets and turn to drugs and crime, but it doesn’t have to be like this. Britain should take example from India and introduce their own national service scheme. A scheme that would involve having young people help out in their local community or even further abroad. In my school some people got the chance to go to Zambia to help build a school for the children there. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take this chance myself but everyone that went said it was a really good experience. If things like this were made mandatory then it would get young people away from causing harm to the community and instead focus them on something that could benefit a lot of people.

The scheme would have to cater for everyone’s needs of course. Any one with special needs would have to be taken into consideration but I believe it is possible, and I believe it would work. It would hopefully teach youngsters respect and keep them away from drugs and crime and over all give them something to build on in their life.

Of course the cost of this would be exceptional. You would have to hire so many people to make this work. But compared to what crime and unemployment are already costing us, I feel it would be worth the risk. And why not? Its at least a constructive way of dealing with things, unlike the current governments objectives which seem to just be cut back on everything and hope it will all work out.


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  1. Great blog! I totally agree. I think if this were proven possible it would help our society a lot. However with the economic climate no matter how much education you have it seems useless at the moment unfortunately. I work part-time in a pharmacy and I have people handing in their cv’s to be a delivery drivers when they have just earned their degree in architecture or business…but I still think that national service would help a lot of people on a personal level to feel better about themself and with many people defeating the credit crunch eventually earn their way like the rest of us!

  2. Bring back National Service to make soldiers – why not!!

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