November 1st

1512 – The ceiling of the Sistine chapel is shown to the public for the first time. It had been painted by Michelangelo, and is seen as his most defining art.

1604 – Othello, written by William Shakespeare, is first performed at Whitehall Palace, London.

1611 – William Shakespeare’s play The Tempest is presented for the first time at Whitehall Palace. (Shakespeare was a fan of November 1st!)

1755 – An earthquake and resulting tsunami in Lisbon, Portugal, kills up to 90,000 people.

1911 – The first dropping of a bomb in warfare occurs in the Italo-Turkish War and is dropped by the Italians.

1939 – The first rabbit to be born via artificial insemination is shown to the world.

1952 – The United States detonates the first hydrogen bomb in the Pacific. The explosion has a yield of 10 megatons.

1982 – Honda opens a factory in the US becoming the first Japanese car manufacturer to have a base in the US.


1938 – Seabiscuit beats War Admiral in a race deemed as “The Match of the Century”.

1946 – The New York Knicks play the first basketball game under Basketball Association of America rules, beating the Toronto Huskies.

1959 – The first face mask to be worn in an NHL game is worn by Canadian goaltender Jacques Plante.

Special Dates and Observances

All Saints Day (Catholic Church) celebrates all of the saints who are now in heaven.

World Vegan Day (International)


Signe Akmeņkalne – Student Journalist (1991)


Number 1s

Jimmy Young with Bob Sharples & His Music – The Man From Laramie (1955)

Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires – It’s Now Or Never (1960) (Best seller for this year, retaining number 1 for 8 weeks and holding Christmas Number 1)

Four Tops – Reach Out, I’ll Be There (1966)

Abba – The Name Of The Game (1977) (What a song – ABBA are one of the best bands ever!)

Billy Joel – Uptown Girl (1983) (Later covered by Westlife…as much as I love Westlife, can’t beat Billy Joel!)

BeeGees – You Win Again (1987)

Boys II Men – End Of The Road (1992) (Awesome boy band!)

Cher – Believe (1998)

Cheryl Cole – Fight For This Love (2009)


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