The Youth of today

The Napier Social Media website is the perfect example of the youth’s interest. Twenty-seven media articles, eleven music, eleven sport,yet only eight are political. Is there something essentially wrong there or can one be politically aware, just not passionate enough to spend their
time blogging about it? The other,say, two hundred blogs remain uncategorized aka involves rantings about one’s daily lives and homes.Unsurprizingly, well to me at least, it was these uncategorized blogs that received the most comments. The blog, “Paris through another
perspective” got eight comments, tying with “Smokers are irresponsible”, which also received eight. This proves what we, ‘the youth of today’ are really interested in, does it not? We can keep up to date with politics and news. But we are still young. So why not have some fun first
before we get bogged down in the issues of the world.What Im trying to say is that if someone hands me an article on Ed Miliband’s Labour leadership and another on Inter-railing Europe. I am going to read the latter first, but I will still read the political one.

One Response

  1. I think the interests of the youth shift from generation to generation. Think about it. Our parents we very likely to have walked around with ‘ban the bomb’ signs and tried to make love, not war. These are very politically based statements the youths of that age firmly believed in. I don’t think todays youth’s are only interested in fun, but as you said, it is likely to catch our attention first.

    It is a good thing to look up, very interesting. Shame this blog can only be visited by journalism students, which will give it a somewhat biased…you know…thing. 🙂

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