Halloween? Just another night out when you’re a student!

For me, Halloween used to be one of the best nights of the year. Months of planning went into your costume; there would be a school party a house party and then a party after that party…where your costume could be shown off and admired in all its glory. Costumes were top secret as well, prepped and prepared until the very last minute when the big reveal would be made to your eagerly awaiting friends. However all that changed at University. Every other week there is a themed night out, pub golf, ‘pairs’, cartoon characters, comic book characters, characters from Charlie and the Chocolate factory, the list goes on! It seems that students rarely think a night out is good unless you dress up. The sports teams are the worst (or you could say the best?) only the other week did one team at their team meals come as all the characters from Mario bros, amazing! Personally I love it, dressing up on a night out can start conversations, break down barriers and provide many a laugh and photo opportunity. Although for me, it has slightly stolen Halloweens’ thunder and after the effort of finding costumes for nights out this year I have resorted to boring Catwoman for Halloween, oh how ashamed my younger self would be!

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