Hello everybody. I just found this clip which I’d like to share with you. Please watch the clip and tell me what you think of it because I’m really confused. Is there any possible explanation?

Rihan Younan


3 Responses

  1. Interesting! There are hundreds of responses on Youtube, including this one:
    “the woman on the video is Audrey Manningham she was 62 years old at the time, she was part of the circus entourage, her husband is passing on the front, she was placing a hair comb, she also suffered from dementia, she used to talk to herself, no big deal! end of the story!”
    Who knows?!

  2. mobile phones may have been around then – sounds ridiculous however technology is approximately 50 years more advanced than we are now. But the government, for security purposes etc, keep technology from the general public until it is outdated to them…so perhaps this person was trialing this device and got caught at the wrong time…?

  3. well interesting comments, I will think of it.. but I thought it could have been a radio.. however thanks for commenting =)

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