The Influence of TV on Music

I was just browsing through the itunes top 100 looking for some music to download and i was shocked by a couple of things i noticed on there. The song, stay by shakespeares sister, that Cher Lloyd JUST sang on xfactor is already sitting at number 13 in the chart and it’s still climbing as i write this! It was no-where to be seen 2 hours ago! And the song used in the Yeo Valley milk advert, which is shown during xfactor, is even at number 27!  This made me wonder what kind of an influence TV has on the music industry? So i went and did a little research and found this website which dedicates itself to providing the titles of music used in adverts on TV. Quite a nifty little website if you’re like me and always saying “i really like the song in that advert!” After having a little look through the site i found that a few of the songs featured in adverts are actually in the charts on itunes.

And does anyone remember the barclaycard advert that everyone seemed to love, with the guy on the massive waterslide. The song used in that advert, the bellamy brothers-let your love flow, re-entered the charts, peaking at number 21 back in 2008, due to the advert being so popular!

On the other side of the fence, sometimes adverts and TV programmes can have a negative impact on songs. For example, boots have been using the same song (here comes the girls) for ages now and it’s starting to get a bit irritating. And that song played in the background of the marks and spencers food adverts? I bet hardly anyone knew that song was called Samba Pati by Carlos Santana, because i certinatly didn’t until i googled it.

I think we can safely say that TV definately has a huge impact on music sales. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing is open to debate.

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  1. This is a very interesting article! I always love songs on adverts and wonder where they are from so your link is such a help. The ipod adverts are another one for introducing great new songs and it is the most frustrating thing not knowing where they are from so thank you!

    Caitlin x

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