October 30th

1485 – King Henry VII is crowned King (he is the father of the infamous King Henry VIII)

1922 – Benito Mussolini is announced as Prime Minister of Italy.

1925 – John Logie Baird creates Britain’s first Television transmitter. (All hail John Logie Baird…he sounds like Yogi Bear!)

1941 – 1500 Jews are sent from Western Ukraine to Belzec extermination camp.

1944 – Anne Frank and her sister, Margot, are sent from Auschwitz to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

1960 – Michael Woodruff performs the first successful kidney transplant in the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

1972 – Two trains collide in Chicago killing 45 and injuring 332.

2002 – Freeview starts transmitting throughout the UK. (And that’s what is keeping me going while I am writing this – a complete circle!)


1974 – The Rumble in the Jungle boxing match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman (otherwise known for his grill) – it resulted in Foreman being knocked out in the eighth round.


Michael Winner – Director and star of esure adverts (1935), Diego Maradona – Argentinian footballer, The Hand Of God (1960)


Mischief Night (otherwise known as Cabbage Night) is on the eve of Halloween and is where teenagers play pranks on their neighbours. (UK, USA and Canada)

Number 1s

Frankie Laine with Percy Faith & His Orchestra – A Woman In Love (1956)

Tornados – Telstar (1962)

David Cassidy – Daydreamer/The Puppy Song (1973)

Lena Martell – One Day At A Time (1979)

Wham! – Freedom (1984)

Enya – Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) (1988)

Pato Banton – Baby Come Back (1993)

Westlife – You Raise Me Up (2005) (Brilliant song. My best mate has been to see them live and says they are incredible. I can easily believe it.)


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