In a world of my own.

Currently I am flicking through old and new magazines trying to find inspiration to write about something mind blowing. Although the world is host to many inspiring aspects I cannot find the focus to sit down and write about one in particular and so my head feels full, full of ideas trying to make their way out yet I am finding it particularly difficult putting pen to paper.
Sometimes emotions and overwhelming experiences can prevent a person from thinking straight. Due to working ridiculous hours I am finding myself lost in a trance and walking around in a daydream which for someone who could already be described as a daydreamer surely isn’t safe.

2 Responses

  1. Joy, I feel the same. Between work, my daughter and a wealth of other responsibilities the thoughts springing into my mind have less to do with ground-breaking story ideas and more to do with where I need to be and when I need to be there.
    I’m sure we will be great writers in time and even better multi-taskers. x

  2. It is a miracle that I have time to breath outside of uni and work in general. I had the day off on Friday and walked around with my head in the clouds and only just realised that the leaves on the trees have changed colour and autumn is now here. Weird.


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