Keeping it closer to home.

I may be getting a little bit ahead of myself but I already know of people who have organised what they will be doing over the coming summer. My other half will be on an expedition in Kenya whereas two friends will be spending their time adventuring in Honduras which got me thinking, what will I be doing with my summer? 

In 2009 I spent my time travelling Europe which was very different to last summer where I decided to stay closer to home. Like a lot of people I dropped my overseas plans and decided to travel the length and breadth of Britain on either day trips or weekends away. Such plans enabled me to work on a regular basis allowing me to save more money for university. During the summer months I visited art galleries in Liverpool, shopped in Manchester, berry picked in Carnforth and spent some time in Edinburgh and London.

Currently I work in a pub in Edinburgh and see many visitors pass through its doors. Each person is from a different part of the world yet each seems excited to be visiting the UK. Many people spend 2-4weeks travelling through the UK commenting on how beautiful the scenery is, how much there is to see and do and how friendly and helpful the locals are. Each person also seems suprised as to how accessible it is to get from A-B so why do many of us take it upon ourselves to only travel abroad?

A few places I would like to stay over the summer:

Eco Pods

Mirroring the iconic structural shapes of the Eden Project, these freestanding ‘ekopods’ are situated in the beautiful Cornish countryside. The pods have been decorated in minimal, fresh colours and sit next to a seperate ensuite, which includes a compost toilet and wood burning water heater for the freestanding bathtub, and a kitchen with delivered food parcels of organic fresh treats every day. They have been described as the ‘green way to do chic camping.’ 

Safari tents


For a long time I have said that I will explore more of Scotland however my friends in England seem to think that Scotland is another world which is impossible to get to. Each safari tent is situated on Scotland’s coast line and offers housing to six to eight people making it the ideal girly trip away.


2 Responses

  1. Lovely pics, fabby article and I’m up for that girly trip away if it materialises. Could be a great way to celebrate finishing first year? xx

  2. Me you and the latest reading list ay?
    On a serious note yeah it would be lots of fun! I think it is around £300 for weekend but beds 6-8 people so works out really well if we all split the food and drink bill 🙂


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