I was having a brief look around the BBC news page on the internet when I saw the headline: ‘What if all work places had to be a third female.’ This line caught my eye. After reading the article I discovered it was written by a female lawyer-baroness Kennedy. The article was written in relation to the fact that the new shadow cabinet must be at least a third female, and Baroness Kennedy proposes that maybe all work places should adopt the same rule. Her reasoning being that high paid and respected jobs are still lacking in females. This however made me wonder.

Now I am all for women rights and I believe that women should be treated as equals to men in most aspects, however I don’t believe you should be chosen for a job depending on whether you are male or female, and that is exactly what would happen if this rule came about. This article reminded me of another situation that happened a few years back. The South African Rugby Football union introduced a rule that required all provincial teams entering a prestigious competition to have at least three black players in the squad and always have two black players on the field of play at any given time. This is intended to bring more black players into the game of rugby to counter racism. However I feel this just turns it from being racist to black people into being racist to white people. Imagine how you would feel if you worked hard all year round to make the team but you were left out because the team needed more black players. Sound fair? I don’t think so.

Back to the initial issue. I do believe that women should be treated equally, as do I obviously believe that black people should be treated equally, but more so that everyone should be treated equally. I do not feel that thrusting people into jobs because they are female or black is the best way to do this. What needs to be done is an over haul in peoples attitude. Everyone should be taught to judge people on their abilities and not on their gender or race. If the rule was made that a third of the workplace must be female then a third of the workplace should also be male. So in this case I believe that the ruling to have a third of the shadow cabinet female is entirely sexist and unfair.


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  1. I tottally agree, its just positive discrimination – however still a form of discrimination! I would want to know I got a job cause I was the best,, not cause I was a woman!

  2. I agree with you completely. If this came into place it would be discriminating against all people, and it would not cut out sexism- it would almost promote it.

    I do want to draw attention to one line of your piece though where you said (I quote) “I believe that women should be treated as equals to men in most aspects”. Most aspects? I’m not trying to be pedantic, feministic or annoying, but that caught my eye.

  3. i totally agree with you. People should be judged on their ability to do the job (or the sport or whatever) not by what they look like. This ruling is just going to make everything more unfair!

  4. I couldn’t agree more with you on this topic! Surely a person should be hired for a job because they are the best and most suited to the job and nothing to do wih sex or colour of skin. The proposed idea surely works in the opposite way intended and can/will be seen as sexist? x

  5. We await in anticipation for Thomas’s reply to Ruby’s comment!

  6. when i said in most ways i was just reffering to the fact that i believe that in physical sports such as rugby/football or boxing we have to still separate the genders otherwise i think it would be unfair. I probably should have made that clear when i was writing the piece, sorry folks

  7. You’re alright, I knew you only meant it in a good way… just testing you!

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