October 27th

1275 – Amsterdam is declared as a city.

1838 – The Mormons are ordered to leave Missouri or face being executed. (The Mormons were persecuted for years before eventually settling by the Great Salt Lake, Utah…fascinating history!)

1962 – A mysterious plane crash in Italy kills an Italian post-war administrator.

1992 – A gay US soldier is murdered for being gay. This prompts the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law, preventing soldiers from being openly gay and in the army. (Lady Gaga recently made a speech against this law, objecting to homosexuals having to hide their orientation.)

1994 – The US prison population tops one million for the first time in US history.

2010 – 2 fire alarms in one night at block 9, West Bryson Road, causing an awful nights sleep for residents.


Theodore Roosevelt – US President (1858), Edith Brown – Survivor of the Titanic (1896), John Cleese – Actor and Script writer (1939), Kelly Osbourne – TV Personality (1984)


2004 – Boston Red Sox win the World Series for the first time in 86 years.

Number 1s

Frankie Laine with Paul Weston & His Orchestra & The Norman Luboff Choir – Hey Joe! (1953) (Wow that took a while to type, this must be like one of the longest artist names ever!)

Cliff Richard & The Shadows – Travellin’ Light (1959)

Matthews Southern Comfort – Woodstock (1970)

Dave Stewart with Barbara Gaskin – It’s My Party (1981)

U2 – The Fly (1991)

Spice Girls – Say You’ll Be There (1996)

Nelly featuring Kelly Rowland – Dilemma (2002)


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