Musical Memoirs

I’m not the best writer, so this is really difficult because I feel as if I should be writing some blog that will blow everyone away, just like everyone else has.  But I can’t and I’m just going to write to the best of my ability and write about something that I really love and enjoy and hopefully my passion will seep through and make my writing better, because I’m sure you have all noticed emotion makes your writing better. It makes it more believable and relatable and I think that could most probably be one of the most important things about blogging.  As I say I’m not perfect so be gentle with me :).

Music is the best thing about me, (and, yes, I can hear you all, “aw another blog on music”) it really is.  It’s one thing about me that is versatile, ever-changing, ever-growing, it will never offend anyone (worth offending, that is).  Music can do almost anything for a person’s soul.  It can make you want to dance, want to drink, want to relax, want to talk, discuss, make you want to go all nostalgic and remember good times or make you want to bury your head and totally cringe and some horrifically embarrassing thing you done when you were drunk and that song was blaring in the background.

I’m sure everyone relates to at least one song in some way.  With the wide array of songs out there and with artists, new and old, creating them everyday it would be beyond impossible for at least one not to speak to you on some sort of level.  And you’ll notice that everyone also relates a song to some memory or vice versa.  I know.  For an example I will now put my iPod on shuffle and give you the thought I think of when I hear it.

  • Lady Gaga – Pokerface = ABC Glasgow, dancing on the main floor with my two mates Craig and Sophie with a vodka mix in either hand.
  • Tool – The Pot = As one of my favourite ever songs, I remember sitting in my old mates house and being in a total world of my own, blocking out everything apart from this song.
  • The Gossip – Standing In The Way Of Control = Two things, Skins Series one and the most mental house party I have ever been to.  Lights on the ceiling were being swung on, there was a Nike shoe through the screen of the soaking wet plasma tv, the bathroom sink was in the neighbour’s garden and someone had used the shower curtain pole as a javelin.  It was pretty brutal and I laugh whenever I think the night as a whole.

They are just three songs on which the memories begin to flow.  Why don’t you try it? And post what you come up with. It gave me a laugh, why not you?

Lisa Mitchell



5 Responses

  1. there you go :

    She’s my Winona- Fall out boy : Climbing mountains with my old class, sledging down really quite dangerous slopes. Jackets full of freezing snow but hours full of glowing fun.

    No Joanna- Cajun Dance Party: Packing to move from Maastricht to Paris. being overly-nostalgic on every single item, then realizing it’s all gonna be fine.

    Playing God- Paramore: Snowboarding but also trying to fall asleep in Egypt, on the plane to Egypt, on the beach in Egypt… Egypt Egypt Egypt

  2. Siberian Kiss – Glassjaw.
    This makes me think of when I saw them open for Brand New in New York last year, which was the first time I’d seen Glassjaw, and seeing 10,000 Long Island kids go absoutely insane.

    Tabernacle Song – Fake Problems.
    The October 2009 Frank Turner tour, unfortunate video tour diaries and Matt Nassir running around the QMU afterwards.

    I’m a Loner Dottie a Rebel – The Get Up Kids.
    Sleeping in London Victoria Bus Station with my best friends.

  3. I would play this game too…..

    …but I’m afraid my shuffle list will make an embarrassment out of me! There is all kinds of crap lurking about in my phone! But I love it all to be honest! Be it cheese, musicals, dance, hip hop, country. Help I’m a freak!

    Just thought I’d point out, you are a great writer – stop putting yourself down mate. Very personal, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Julia x

  4. here goes…

    The Drums – Lets go Surfing
    Reminds me of dancing around at leeds festival, waiting for this song to come on, and they didnt even play it!

    Muse – Sunburn
    This one reminds me of when I was about 14 and a huge fan of muse.

    Kings of Leon – King of the Rodeo
    Amazing song from an amazing album. Reminds me of when KOL were an amazing band. It also reminds me of when I used to do line dancing.

  5. Fever Ray- When I Grow Up.
    I went to see Fever Ray earlier in the term. I have always enjoyed the drama that comes with their songs but seeing them was something else, more of a theatrical performance than a gig.

    Van Morrison- Brown eyed girl.
    Reminds me of my parents.

    Kings of Leon- The Bucket.
    On the same wave length with Danielle on the KOL front but after listening to them on Zane’s show tonight it brought back memories of when I first started to properly appreciate music.

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