Has Facebook become the new primary school playground?

Since the start of this course I have struggled to come up with authentic, original ideas to post a blog about.   This will explain to many of you why I haven’t been blogging. However, today as I read through the news feed on Facebook I came across nothing but nasty, suggestive status updates.   This makes me wonder; why has Facebook become the new primary school playground and why do people feel the need to tell their entire friend list who they dislike and why this is?

I personally feel that if you have a dispute with someone, then by all means make the person aware of it. However, posting status updates such as “girls, who needs them?” or “Pfft you’re pathetic mate” is not going to solve anything.   It is a petty, immature way of saying that you have a problem with someone, and you want everyone to know. Is this because of personal insecurity? Is this because of true hatred for a certain person? I am not one to pen an answer to this question.

In my opinion, I feel a little etiquette is needed to ensure that Facebook’s main aims are still being achieved – connecting everyone in the world together, rather than a playground for petty arguing and point scoring.



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  1. Love this blog Craig! I have a friend on Facebook who posts depressing coments about who they are not happy with on a daily basis. What is the need? I think people do it because they don’t have to face the people they are writing about yet they can express how they’re feeling. Possibly putting feelings into a status rather than an actual conversation provides a sense of security? Facebook is feeling a tad like a playground lately with the continuous online arguments and nasty comments. Is it really necessary?

  2. Nice blog, I really like it. Well in my opinion I think that people who post such status are not strong enough and do not have the ability to face people that they have a real matter with. ATTENTION is another thing that everyone seeks, and I strongly believe that Facebook has given the opportunity for everyone to express him/herself and get paid attention by others. Nice blog! =)

  3. I must have really chirpy friends. I only have one girl that goes on and on about everyone and everything. But apart from her everyones always saying funny stuff or nice stuff.

  4. I fully agree with this blog Craig. It infuriates me when people cannot act in a grown up manner and deal with a problem or dispute head on and not through a social media site.


  5. I agree too and like Joy, it irritates the life out of me. People just really need to grow up. Act with some dignity and decorum for goodness sake. If someone is annoying you to a point where you feel the need to vent, talk to them. If you can’t, then speak to a friend or better still..digest it yourself and move on.
    James made an interesting point in this week’s Social Media lecture about employers checking job applicants social networking sites to get a more personal insight into what they are really like. I’m not in the habit of swearing, slating or embarrasing myself on Facebook but if I was then the possibility of a future employer judging me on it would be enough to deter me.
    Loved this blog Craig.


  6. Thank you all for your comments. It is much appreciated. After the lecture today, it seems that a lot more cases of defamation could be brought up if professionals act in this way. x

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