Football Forum

I have never really wanted to join a ‘forum’. The very idea of lots of strangers commenting on random and insignificant things has never appealed to me, and I always thought it was a waste of time which could be spent talking to real people. However, I was researching a few things for an article when I came across forum, which is a brilliant and really interesting website.

It combines football news with blogs and comments, and seems professional and trustworthy: not a website set up by a bored teenager with too much to say. All of the news, results, fixtures and tables are run by, which is a great website alone, but I think the forum side to it could be really useful for anyone wanting to branch into sports journalism.

They have one section of the forum for nearly every league in the world, ranging from the Airtricity league of Ireland to La Liga, Bundesliga, Seria A and many more. There is a section titled ‘The Football Journalism Section’, which gives anyone an opportunity to write a serious football blog and receive feedback and attention.

I still don’t really like the idea of forums, but I do like arguing with Manchester United fans, and this website gives me plenty of opportunity to do so!


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