Are Scottish people just very Clumsy?

Yet another Wednesday full of stress and mayhem! After a falling down the stairs by the lovely Katie she hopped along to mine where I drove us to uni where to find she couldn’t even manage to limp along to the gate nevermind  conquer that everest of a hill! So me a worryer and Katie the injured soul we rushed away dramatically to a&e…

NOT to my suprise there was a huge bundle of people filled with droopy fed-up expressions on their face , arms folded and hands holding their heads up. As each person was called, one limping, another bleeding, some crying and some just normal- which you kind of ask yourself I wonder why they are here? ….wasting people’s time that’s what! – I started to ask myself why is a&e ALWAYS busy. I mean it was a Wednesday afternoon- surely people haven’t starting binge drinking yet?

Every time I set foot in that place it is overflowing with broken bones and bruised eyes, but why? Is this country just more accident prone? Is Scotland just a very dangerous place? Or are the scots living up to their lazy drunken stereotype? I mean I knew why Katie was there but why were the other 20 people who were limping back and forth there! I really cannot believe how many people are there every time I am there.  ( not that I am there a lot – it is usually me chuming someone else!)

How much is it costing the nhs to treat all these people? and is there anything at all that can be done to narrow down accidents? I heard earlier this week that they are planning on charging people who miss doctors appointments- maybe they should start charging people who are regulars at the a&e department!

It was also interesting to see they are timing people’s visits… I wonder if this could be the future of the a&e department, hopefully resulting in quicker visits!  As I know I was angry after spending 4 hours of my life that I will never get back!

Kelly Wade


4 Responses

  1. Haha love this blog! I’m sorry you had to spend so long there. At least i didn’t pick friday night to fall down the stairs…who knows we might have still been there on sunday morning! If it wasn’t for you i would still be limping about now though.

  2. haha this made me giggle! As someone who has been in A&E quite a few times with broken bones i know where you’re coming from. And yes, i think we are just very clumsy! Hope Katie is feeling better soon!

  3. I honestly think being clumsy is hereditary! Everyone in my family seems to be very clumsy. Thanks Kara, i hope i will be back to normal in no-time 🙂 x

  4. I hope Katie is getting better now. But this blog made me think about Sweden… The thing is Swedish people are not very clumsy but the healthcare in that country seems to be the worst ever! I remember once when I went into the emergency for falling on the snow and injuring my leg I had to wait for more than 10 hours and they were sending me from a hospital into another! And everything ended up with telling me that I will get better in days! , and I’m not the only one, every now and then people from Sweden keep posting things on Facebook complaining about the bad service we get. The problem is not only appearing with emergencies but with appointments as well, people wait months to get an appointment with the doctor they wish. It’s very annoying but doctors there are really CALM even if you’re screaming and crying of illness.

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