It’s Not Granny – it’s Chic!

I can not deal with ANOTHER man telling me; ‘I think my granny’s got that’ when referring to an item of clothing that I am currently wearing. Why do most men not understand the concept of fashion? Or creativity? Or of not just wearing jeans, t-shirts and trainers all the time? My brother, Charlie, is at that stage in his life where, to take out his aggravation with his own life, he makes it hard for everyone else to enjoy theirs – AKA 16. So with it nearly being the winter season and all, I decided to do a little light (*ahem*) shopping. I usually like to experiment with new styles, and some work out for the worst, so I decided I wanted to stock up on chunky knitwear and faux fur accessories galore – to keep me nice and cosy of course (as well as making me look a lot better).

As a student, and having recently received my SAAS money and a £500 overdraft, I decided that New Look would be a safe place for me to shop. Nice, fashionable clothing, but unlike Urban Outfitters and Topshop, I don’t end up overspending too much.

Mission one: a jacket.

Even though I do already have a Wallis purple felt jacket, I decided I wanted to try an aviator style jacket with a faux fur lining. This jacket was right up my street, not too bulky, a soft light texture and was able to zip up to save me from the cold. Of course when it, and me, arrived home, my mum was giving it all – “it looks a bit short”, “is it waterproof?”, “its not got a hood”! Lord save me from my overly practical mother! Well, aProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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way I was pretty chuffed with my buy, and thought it looked better than nice, so I decided to make a bit of an effort and go visit the lovely boyfriend. No sooner had I stepped two feet in the door did the words “is that Jeremy Clarkson’s jacket?” slip from Rory’s huge mouth. I saw red. Firstly, this is fashion, not some opinionated old guy’s jacket. It’s not cracked leather, it’s not brown, and it’s not sick. Secondly, if Jezza was to wear something as cool as this, I would have great respect for him. Strike one on purchases.

To go along with the old man’s jacket, that doesn’t have a hood, and won’t keep me warm in the coming months, I decided to get a new, suitable bag to carry all the university books that kill my shoulders. Mission two: The Holdall.

Now this baby is something that made me smile. As a huge Mary Poppins fan, even more so now, I fell in love with this carpet-looking, tapestry holdall. It is huge, so fits everything in it, maybe not a lamp but oh well. It is practical (wey hey mum), with it’s across-the-body strap and option to carry using the handles. And it is so chic. So believe my disgust when my brother, my mother and my boyfriend all commented that this bag could belong to their grannies. I honestly could have cried (well maybe not). Fair enough, the floral design looks vintage, and could be mistaken for an old lady’s purse, but the structure, design and size, make this bag very modern. I don’t care what anyone says. As this bag is also New Look, I don’t know how long it is going to last me, but if it does collapse, I am definitely going to buy another one just like it – to spite them all. They cannot take my Disney character dream away from me. It just brings back horrific memories from when I was teased profusely for wearing my favorite Eeyore back-pack to school, all that glitter, all that blue – well I was in sixth year, but it still hurt. *Weeping*

So as you can probably guess, buying chunky knitted jumpers didn’t really get a much sweeter reaction. More granny comments. Ha ha ha. I have absolutely had it with trying to be original, I am going to stick to joggers and vests – be a Plain Jane. Have a personality that reflects a dull style – no humor, no opinion – just plain, bland, fake Julia. Well, maybe not. But if I did surely everyone would hate it. Serve them all right. Well, I am away to cry about my oh so difficult life. Oh yeah, next project: getting my grandma to knit me an oversized, long, dress-like, cream, open-knit cardigan. Back in my day……….

Julia xx

If you want to be a granny like me; here is how to do it.


14 Responses

  1. I don’t really know what that Proxy thing is about on my post (?) I keep deleting it but it keeps reappearing. Damn it! Oh well – you can read it anyway.

    Julia x

  2. Guys abuse fashion because we don’t understand it. Maybe that explains why we are so rude and blunt about it – not going to lie I don’t see why you would want to wear anything other than a pair of jeans…or how to make anything other than a pair of jeans work – but you never wear jeans and it suits you. Just we don’t know alternatives, we stick to the mainstream and go with the easiest option (so we can get out the shops and back home to watch the football…ok I am playing on stereotypes somewhat but forgive me for it, it is just easier to explain with stereotypes)

    • Well thanks for helping me understand Alex! I have to admit though – jeans are a wonderful creation, and I completely understand why you wouldn’t want to wear anything else – I have a pair in almost every colour! I think you could work a pair of chinos though Alex 🙂 Give it a go – take a wee risk! Haha x

  3. i get those comments too! sometimes i genuinely do steal clothes from my granny though. but still. long live granny-chic!

  4. Personal. Humourous. Interesting. Great blog Julia, it flows really well.

  5. Funny, funny, funny! I just bought a cream dress with antique lace down the front to wear with ribbed tights, heeled brogues and pearls. Can I borrow your bag to complete my look……..and my life! My mother-in-law has a wardrobe full of 60’s clothes and I just got her to donate me a maxi dress with batwing sleeves and a massive butterfly sequined over the back. I’m in love ah……..
    Julia I’m feeling this blog, it’s great. xx

    • Thanks love! And yes, you can borrow my bag, give me a shout when you feel a granny moment coming on! That dress sounds lovely….work it Lisa!

  6. Julia that is like a full ‘you’ outfit! I LOVE it!!!

  7. Brillant blog, it gave me a good laugh! I recieved a body warmer in the post today alongside waterproof gloves and an eskimo hat from my ma. She insists that they are practical and Il be thanking her come December. I disagree, They are now in the bin.

    • Haha! Get that eskimo hat out of the bin – and into my hands! I’ve always wanted one 🙂 What a waste! Hmmmmmm.

      Thanks for your comment!

      Julia x

  8. Thanks for all your lovely comments people! I’m glad I amused you all with my heartfelt tales of woe!!


  9. i can actually hear you saying this julia. Love it ! This would definitely be a blog I would subscribe too.

  10. Some people have no idea ay, I think you look lovely in all the above items which I think I have pointed out in ‘non virtual’ life.
    I had the same problem last year when buying a faux fur jacket. With it being my first, very cold, Scottish winter in Edinburgh I thought it both stylish and practical to buy a coat that was on trend at the time and would keep me very very warm. At Christmas I visited home and thought my family would give me a pat on the back for being practical but instead Pat Butcher remarks were thrown my way.


  11. Julia this is hilarious! I especially liked the comments from your mum, thats exactly what my mums says about any item of clothing I bring home ‘is it practical though?’ haha. Got to love granny chic! x

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