‘i’ Newspaper

The Independent has launched a new daily newspaper which is aimed at people who don’t  have the time to read print news. (Does anyone think they may fall into that category?!)

The i newspaper is the first daily paper to be launched in Britain since 1986. It is in the style of a quality newspaper, shares the same journalists and editorial staff as The Independent and is designed to provide a more compressed and brief account of the daily news.

The purpose of i seems to be to make print journalism more accessible to people who enjoy reading quality papers but don’t have the time to consume the hoards of information that a daily quality offers. The Independent also hopes that i will act as a teaser for their readership and that it may increase their circulation by tempting readers to buy the full version when they have more time.

I bought the first edition of i today and it’s a great little paper. It’s definitely aimed at the younger generation. It’s cool, colourful and it’s 56 pages contain unmissable selects of news, views, sports and business. There is also a features section called IQ.

The cherry on top of this little-sister paper is the 20p cover price which is great for students and offers an affordable alternative to the Metro.

Lisa Toner


4 Responses

  1. Nice! Sounds like a good i-dea… “I” really want to read “I”… oh the laughs…

    Thank you for informing us on this Lisa. I found this link that gives some good opinions from celebrities near the bottom! (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/media/press/from-today-iii–a-new-daily-newspaper-for-20p-2109899.html)

    Make sure you keep that copy, may be worth something in the future 😉

  2. Thanks George, “I” like your comment. 🙂
    Aren’t the celebrity quotes a clever way to promote the paper and generate interest?
    I especially liked Noel Gallagher’s comment about how ‘i’ is ideal for clever people who “can’t be arsed” reading!


  3. Lisa, I love Noel’s comment! I should not admit but often the size of a paper, especially a Sunday, is impossible to get through.


  4. It’s funny isn’t it Joy? Don’t you just love when people aren’t trying to be clever and just tell it like it is?
    I’ve bought this paper every day since it’s launch and it’s fast becoming my daily need.
    The only thing I feel that I’m missing is an injection of Scottish news so must do something about that.
    Nonetheless it’s a fantastic little offering. I love the news matrix in the first couple of pages, it reminds me of a website with news briefs and you can then select which articles you want to read more of.
    Clever i.

    Lisa. x

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