Facebook and Abortion

So today I was looking up story ideas on facebook. Well i had recently heard on the radio a story about ‘ people are using abortion for contraceptive’ I then looked up ‘abortion’ in facebook groups and really did find some horrendous things, like sick groups. One is called ‘abortion tickles’ I mean what is that!?

Who are these people and where do they come from?!. I still cannot believe the group is still up and running. And even the comments people leave are so blantantly narrow minded and hurtful to people who have had or thinking about having an abortion for example ‘

‘It makes you a mother of a dead baby that you killed.. Which makes you a murderer’


‘There is no different between a women who abort a baby and a person who killed another human bieng. Am of the opinion that a girl who has the guts 2 kill her unborn baby what can stop her from killing other people or even her husband as that women does not view killing wrong as viewed by a normal person’

In this day and age you would think people had a little sense. I mean I’m not saying abortion is right or wrong , personallly I think it depends on the circumstances. If a girl/woman  is going out having unprotected sex willingly knowing the consequences and then thinks ‘ if i get pregnant again it’s fine I can just get another abortion’ the same with a man who goes out and does the same thing and is shocked when the woman says she doesn’t want an abortion- then I personally think that is wrong. If a girl is using contraceptive and for some reason it doesn’t work and feels she isn’t ready then I fully believe this is her decision. I even think all people make mistakes and if two people are not safe and realise they were being stupid and won’t do it again I also think this is okay. And rape is a completely understandable reason for an abortion. However, this is my own opinion and everyone is entitled to their own thoughts but it’s hard to believe the first few groups that come up are ‘ anti-abortion’ ‘stop aborition’ and ‘pro-life’ and other groups promoting the same message. I just don’t even think there should be a debate and I don’t even think there should be groups for either side.The only group I actually agreed with was one called ‘abortion is a personal decision not a legal debate- That just leaves it at that, ITS MY CHOICE  pretty much. If someone brings a baby into the world not wanting him/her or not having the right resources then that just opens the door for more poverty in the world and a lot more problems.

Although, taking all that into consideration the news cast still worried me. As much as it is someone’s choice I do think there is a point where you need to say to yourself  ‘i need to own up to my mistakes and accept the consequences’ I think this could POSSIBLY be either the result of bad sexual health classes in schools or sex is just too much of a taboo still in some cultures and parents and children still feel too uncomfortable to ask the important questions…or maybe something even worse.

I would love to hear other people’s thoughts on maybe why abortion rates are going up. And if these groups should be allowed?

By Kelly Wade.

Here is one of the links to the groups.




4 Responses

  1. I coulndt agree more with your opinion on this. I have a few friends that are pro life and we’re always arguing about it. Great post!

  2. Great post Kelly. Working for the NHS I see both sides of the argument and have seen people abort and keep babies under very unusual circumstances. I only feel strongly on one point. There should be protocols in place for the amount of abortions a woman can have if the clinician deems that she is being continuously irresponsible or using it as a form of contraception. (This is worth looking into as I know that a GP must refer the patient for a consultation before she can have the procedure and I’m sure they can recommend that they don’t have an abortion if they have cause to but don’t quote me on this.) Other than that it should be left to the individual and their actions should be respected.

  3. On the issue of whether such groups should be allowed, I think it’s getting increasingly difficult to shut such online groups down. The view that “everyone has an opinion and so we should respect it, even if it may seem extreme or controversial” means that, even if Facebook closed a group, there will always be someone unhappy about the decision to do so.

    Well done Kelly on raising a very controversial issue that is bound to get more responses, I liked the overall personal response, reflecting and summarising both sides of the argument.

  4. Very controversial blog, Kelly.

    I totally agree with you about women being allowed the choice – and mistakes happen, rapes occur and sometimes people are just not ready to bring a child into the world – especially when they are children themselves.
    Personally I could never abort a child because I use every precaution to make sure I never get pregnant, and if I were to, it would be fate. I’m a big believer in fate, and I could never abort a baby because they would be a part of me. It would kill me to abort a child. I don’t judge anyone that would though, because everyone feels different.


    Julia x

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