October 25th

1924 – A letter, written by a leading politician in Russia, was published in the Daily Mail suggesting that relations between Great Britain and Russia would only be possible if the Conservatives were running the country. Prior to this letter, Labour were joint favourites to run the country, but after this the Conservatives won by a decisive margin. This letter has since been proven to be fake. (It shows how much power us Journalists have – we could swing elections – do Journalists really run our country?)

1944 – Heinrich Himmler cracks down on a youth organisation which helped soldiers hide who had deserted the German army. The Edelweiss Pirates, the youth organisation, also helped to harbour others persecuted by the Nazi regime.

 1962 – Nelson Mandela is sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. (What a hero – the world needs more people like Mandela!)

1995 – A train hits a school bus, killing 7 students in Illinois.

2004 – Fidel Castro, Cuba’s communist leader, announces that the US dollar will be banned for use as from the 8th of November.

2009 – The Baghdad bombings kill 155 people and injure a further 721. (I remember this story – it seems so much has happened in a year!)


Johann Strauss – Composer (most famously The Blue Danube) (1825), Pablo Picasso – Artist and Sculptor (1881), Chad Smith – Drummer in Red Hot Chilli Peppers (1961), Katy Perry – Singer (1984)


Pope Marcellinus (d.304), Pope Boniface V (d. 625) (bad day to be the Pope!), Geoffrey Chaucer – Poet (d. 1400)

Number 1s

Jimmy Young with Bob Sharples & His Music – The Man From Laramie (1955) (Why do 50s bands have such long names?)

Roy Orbison – Only The Lonely (Know How I Feel) (1960)

Four Tops – Reach Out, I’ll Be There (1966)

Baccarra – Yes Sir, I Can Boogie (1977)

Culture Club – Karma Chameleon (1983) (Does anyone have one of them brilliant Karma Chameleon landline phones? They were so popular a few years ago!)

BeeGees – You Win Again (1987)

Boys II Men – End Of The Road (1992)

Cher – Believe (1998) (This track entered at number 1 and stayed there for 7 weeks, becoming the best selling single from this year…and no, this is not Cher Lloyd!!!! This Cher is much more talented)

Cheryl Cole – Fight For This Love (2009) (Which means she has performed on the X Factor on the exact same weekend for the second year running this year…and who would have thought this would have become the theme tune to her life over the next year – shouldn’t tempt fate Cheryl!)

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