Tweedy Takeover

She was part of Girls Aloud, has a booming solo career, is a judge on x factor, plasters our TV’s and bus stops with L’Oreal ads and has many friends across the pond since chumming in with
Men love to look at her, women seem to adore her and by the looks of things she’s fast infecting the country with ‘Chezza Mania’.

She’ll apparently have the nation on it’s knees this Saturday for a tear-jerking interview with Piers Morgan, of course, just before we’ve already seen her for two hours.
Am I the only one that’s a teeny bit fed up of seeing her?

She’s been given the title of the ‘Nations Sweetheart’….pardon?
What brought on this overnight decision? Because it certainly isn’t the singing.

She was in Girls Aloud – did she do the majority of singing? Em, no.
She’s a judge on X Factor… why?
Her debut single topped the charts… and we loved the editing!
And as for, well I think we could all guess what he was after.

So what is it about our ‘sweetheart’ that is so great? Am I completely missing the point or is it just that she’s not really particularly that talented.
I would say that her dentist and stylist are.

To be fair to her she’s had a hard time recently with the Gamu stories, her recent divorce and contracting malaria. In a non malicious way, for getting malaria she was a complete idiot.
I spent a month in Ecuador last year, and had to take my malaria pills every morning, a week before I left and 10 days after I returned. Cheryl admitted she hadn’t taken her pills properly, so what did she expect?
Those pills were given to her for a reason, so hello, stop going on about how you nearly died, it was your own fault.
Other than that, we can all feel sorry for her about her divorce. Regardless of what was going on in the background (her mum stayed in the house with her and Ashley…) she was publicly humiliated. I don’t think it was right for newspapers to be printing off pictures of Ashley’s sex texts and messing with her marriage only for Cheryl to read about it. We all felt for her, just like we felt for poor Coleen not so long ago. I think this is the only time I have ever really felt for her. The embarrassment and heartbreak of a divorce is soul shattering, but to have that out in public, and let newspapers who are just hungry for a story help douse your life in petrol and set it alight was sad.
This year has been her hardest for sure and she’s been taking one hit after another. As a human being you can’t help but want to sympathise.

But, at the end of the day, she’s supposed to be an entertainer and role model.
I can’t really pin point the exact time she became a success but I do however remember these headlines:

‘Cheryl Tweedy Racist Chav’
‘Singer Tweedy Guilty Of Assault’

Now these are a far cry of the sweet Cheryl we’re used to watching each Saturday.
So if its not the singing that’s making her popular then it has to be her new fashionista ways and undoubtedly gorgeous face.

‘Cheryl’s New Lips’
‘Cheryl Coles’ £8000 Teeth’
‘Cheryl Cole Spends £200,000 A Year On Her Appearance’

Hmmm..I’m starting to really question what it is that’s so great about her. I’m sure if I had £200,000 to spend on my beauty regime then I wouldn’t look like this anymore.

For now though, I’m thinking that her connections are what’s really making her so popular. They seem to be the only thing that’s propelled her career and allowed her to climb up the ladder of success. If I’m going to credit her for something then it’s got to be how clever she is on selecting people to become friends with. She always seems to make friends in all the right places. I wish her all the best with her take over of the world.
I still find her annoying though.

Samantha Croal


5 Responses

  1. I love Cheryl – though I love any Geordie who makes it big. As for the headlines – I know someone who knew Cheryl before she was famous…and they have (off the record) said that she was the single rudest, obnoxious, arrogant person they have ever met. She doesn’t seem like that on TV though – maybe she has matured or maybe she has had a very good life skills coach…and she didn’t need all of this money to make her beautiful – she was voted the most beautiful woman in the Metro Centre (the biggest shopping centre in Europe, 20 minutes from my house)

  2. I know that and she might have been considered beautiful back then too, but theres a big difference between most beautiful girl in a shopping centre and topping the 100 most gorgeous women in magazines. Theres clearly a significant difference between what she looked like then and what she does now, though shes stunning, obviously its not been natural.
    As for her being completely different, i can believe that, im sure most of them have coaches that teach them how to come across so that they win over the public.

  3. Cheryl is AMAZING! Love, love, love her!

    Sorry Sammy.

    She is well genius. How can you diss someone that managed to get to the top with very little talent? As you pointed out she wasn’t the best looker before she got famous, some might call her ‘chavy’, but she managed to transform herself (with help) into the most stunning creature alive! Wow, if I don’t calm down I might turn. Jokes.

    She is a role model to all the people who don’t have a ‘thing’. They might not have the best voice, the greatest looks, they might not have any talent, but she proves that average joe’s have a chance. It is pure genius.

    I admire her for her sheer determination. No wonder she forgot to take her malaria pills – she is always so busy! To be honest, I agree with you about her not really being a ‘sweetheart’, I’d say she is more like a tiger, all the crap she has been through this year, and she still manages to look unbelieveable every Saturday night. Also, one final point, it can’t be easy being in the spotlight ALLLLLLLL the time, give Chez some cred!

    Oh, and as for the comment about and his ulterior motive….. who can blame him? Tssssssss.

    Great blog, Sammi. Made me laugh.

    Julia xxxxx

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