Annie Mac Presents…

A pretty awful pic of Caspa

Not posted in a while so thought i’d write up a quick review of ‘Annie Mac Presents…’ which i went to see last Saturday at the Ocean Terminal.

I thought it was quite a weird venue for a gig, having never even heard of people playing there before, but it turned out to be a really nice setting. They’d moved all the tables and chairs from the eating area to create a dancefloor, and, although you could barely see the DJ’s because of a large stage right in front of them, it worked well. There was a balcony with an amazing view that you could go outside and have a smoke or just chill on as well.

I arrived a bit late after already working my way through a load of vodka. The bouncers seemed pretty friendly, making jokes with our group despite most of us already unable to walk in a straight line, which was a nice change from the norm.

We never actually paid any attention to the music until we’d already been there for over an hour. Pints were cheaper than expected (£3.20) so initially I spent my time catching up with a load of school mates. It seemed like half the crowd were made up of people I hadn’t seen in at least a few months, which was pretty handy; meant I was never on my own, as seems to happen at every other gig I go to.

Sadly, spending that time drinking meant we missed Felix Da Housecat. My friends who did listen to him said he wasn’t particularly great anyway, so isn’t too gutting I guess.

Afterwards Annie Mac came on and played her usual crowd pleasers like Swedish House Mafia’s ‘One’ and DuckSauce’s ‘Barbra Streisand’ (catchy stuff). Caspa came on for the last hour or so. He’s not my favourite dubstep artist but the speakers were good enough to carry the deep basslines so he ended up sounding pretty great, although by this point the night’s pretty blurry.

On the two hour (!) walk home we met some guy who had claimed to have just smashed a Hearts football player’s face in with a brick. I tried to remember his face in case his story proved true and it turned up in the news as a murder or suchlike, but checking the evening news the next day it seems he made it up. Or hid the body well. We passed a 24 hour bakery on Leith Walk that I never realised existed as well, will be handy for future drunken nights out.

So yeah, was a fun night. There’s another electronic gig on at the Ocean Terminal on bonfire night and I know the people providing the sound system (it’s an amazing (and deafening) 18,000 watt beast) so would highly recommend heading along to that!


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  1. I like Caspa as a dubstep artists, very jealous you got to catch him and Annie Mac’s quirkiness.


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