American ‘Skins’

As with everything else they’ve stolen (or as they like to put it, ‘adapted’) from us talented bunch in the UK, America has made what appears to be a disappointing clone of our beloved TV show, Skins.  In fact, if you are familiar with Skins, you’ll recognise that their lines are almost exactly the same! However, they’ve tried to make it more ‘American’- some names have been changed (Sid is now Stanley. Stanley!?) and even whole characters have changed- Maxxie is now.. well, a girl. And a lesbian. I know its probably not very fair to judge entirely by the trailer but I still think it’ll disappoint. America’s version of The Office was nothing like the original, neither is pretty much any reality show concept they’ve stolen- Dancing With The Stars= Strictly Come Dancing, American Idol= Pop Idol,X Factor, they’re all the same. Also, American film remakes are world-renowned for being terrible. When America announces yet another remake of  a foreign classic, it breaks hearts of film fans the world over. Apparently.

Anyway, watch the trailer here on Perez Hilton’s blog. (see, we DO read blogs!)


6 Responses

  1. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! (I’m actually screaming)
    That looks awful!!! And it’s the EXACT same story line!! Ahhhh get your own ideas america!!

    Skins was good cause the people were quite beleivable and similar to us and you could feel for them, these people are just generic American ‘teens’ from a million TV shows and films!

    They also rip off loads of good Japanese movies.

  2. Haha just watched the trailer….just NO!
    Sometimes America really annoys me…

  3. JEEZO! I am actually shell-shocked. The storyline is completely the same – what is the point in having ANOTHER Skins? Can they not just show the UK original? Instead of wasting time and money on an American Skins that will never be as good, and is exactly the same as something that already exists. HOW DAFT! It’s not like the UK Skins is even that old, fair enough re-creating a film and changing it to modern day times like ‘Romeo & Juliet’ or ‘Sherlock Holmes’ but they have totally ripped our TV drama off.
    I actually feel for the actors, imagine not being able to characterize for yourself at all, but replicate someone’s elses great performance! That sounds like such a shit job! Their Stanley will never be as good as our Sid, and they are lacking the key ingredient, British teen rebellion, hello America is just NOT THE SAME!
    Rant over.
    This is something I WILL NOT be watching!


  4. Am I only the one who didn’t think Skins was all it was made out to be?
    Being 17 around the time of the original release, I was just generally annoyed that I didn’t live my life like they did though I was the same age. I quickly grew tired of myspace pictures of large groups of people with the contrast turned up and the tag line ‘Skins’ underneath.
    Let the Americans give it a go, it can’t be more wrong about teenage as ours was.

  5. In all fairness, you cannot top skins? So their kicking themselves in the foot with this one… Makes me laugh!!

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