Smokers are irresponsible?

Have you ever read something and wished to the Gods above that sites such as had a *strong dislike* button? Of course you have.

I came across a blog today on that made a statement which angered me so much, I had to come on here just to write about it. Here is the link to it:

In this blog the author states “It’s when you make the right decision not to be a smoker that you can be declared a responsible adult”. Now, I’m sorry, but even as a non-smoker I was offended at that remark! How on earth does being a smoker make u an ‘irresponsible adult’?  Sure, it may mean that you’ve made a stupid decision or that you’re putting your health at risk, but it makes you an irresponsible adult? I think not.

I have many family members over the age of thirty who have been smokers for about fifteen years and they’re some of the most responsible people I’ve ever met! Just because someone is classified as a smoker, I think it’s really inappropriate to brand them with the word irresponsible aswell. Undoubtedly there is many irresponsible adults out there today and guess what? I’m pretty sure some of them are non-smokers too! I feel it’s morally wrong to label someone an irresponsible adult just because they smoke. Smoking is an addiction, not exactly a life choice that can easily be changed overnight.

A study carried out by Cancer Research UK in 2008 showed that 22% of 16-19 year olds who took the survey were smokers.

1% of 11-12 year olds smoke and by the age of fifteen, 15% of children in England have said they are regular smokers.Many of those people could grow up to become very responsible adults, despite being smokers. They just became addicted when they were young, thats all.

For instance, take Barack Obama. He was a smoker when he first became President of America. Does this automatically mean he was unfit to rule America, or dare we say.. too ‘irresponsible’?

I’d love to know what you guys think about it! Does smoking make you an irresponsible adult?




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  1. I don’t think it makes you irresponsable if you smoke, however it depends on your smoking habbits.
    It makes me extremely angry when I see parents pushing a pram with a fag in their hand. Second hand smoke is a major problem in the UK today and some parents are subjecting their children to something that could kill them. I think this would make you an irresponsable adult and parent.

  2. I would call a smoker ‘irresponsible’. But only if they are naive enough to believe that there is nothing wrong with smoking. Obviously addictions are difficult and I feel for people who are struggling and turn to smoking for comfort, but I do think that some people smoke to become more popular or to look ‘cooler’. It is the people, who Dannielle mentioned, that carry their children whilst smoking, or don’t give a shit about smoking directly into a non-smokers face that piss me off.
    Controversial blog Lauren, and one that I think will get a few more comments 🙂

    Julia x

    • I fully agree with julia on this one – I would call adults who smoke irresponsible. My Aunty picked up smoking about 5 years ago. And when she told everyone there wasd a resounding ‘tut’ and my grandma actually said “What would possess you to do that? It is such a stupid and irresponsible thing to do”. – And for any smokers reading this, stop. My grandad has lung cancer because of smoking – and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

  3. I believe the point about Obama in fact hightlights the immaturity of smoking – he got into office and thought that it would be an irresponsible thing to be doing while head of a country. It was not a responsible thing to do to be President and smoke.

  4. I agree with Danielle that it’s really irresponsible to expose children to smoke, but I don’t think smoking in general is irresponsible at all.

    I’m not a smoker myself but I have friends who are, and who get pleasure from it. Which is fair enough. We all know drink is bad for us, yet i bet pretty much everyone reading this gets drunk occasionally. Because we get pleasure from that.

    As long it doesn’t harm others I think we should be allowed to put whatever we want into our bodies. Otherwise where do we draw the line? Don’t allow alcohol/ smoking/ coffee/ milk chocolate because they’re all bad for us?

  5. Ok, coming from a smokers point of view, initially I was extrememly angered by being called an ‘irresponsible adult.’ You will be gladd to know I have calmed down somewhat and thought about it. To be labeled an ‘irresponsible adult’ I think is wrong, because it is generalising you as an irresponsible person from every angle, whether it be in the work place, as a parent, as a good citizen, a good friend etc, which is wrong, and quite frankly offensive, as yes I smoke, but I think I’m a responsible human being in most areas of life. However, when it comes to smoking…..Yeh sure, I’m irresponsible. I’m Irresponsible as I know the health risks, I’ve seen it first hand in my family and have studied the health risks in great depth at a-level.

    I feel I am a considerate smoker also, I would never smoke near somebody who felt uncomfortable with me smoking and would never smoke openly infront of a child and would not even dream of continuing, my admittedly bad habit, if I were to become pregnant.

    So to round things up. I am not an ‘irresponsible adult’ but yes, I am irresponsible when It comes to SMOKING and SMOKING alone.

    Great blog Lauren, It really got the mind going over time haha xxx

  6. I’m personally fully against smoking, ive never seen the point or glamour of it – in my mind its not a remotely positive thing at all. But to label someone as irresponsible is ridiculous.
    People that are ignorant and polluting around others when smoking yes.
    But for example Sam smokes and she always leaves at lunch for a few minutes. She never smokes within the group or ignorantly puffs away in peoples faces. As long as a person knows the risks and has taken it all into consideration then it really shouldn’t be a problem for others.

    great blog lauren! X

  7. I’d agree with you on that, as long as you don’t pass on second hand smoke to children and the like.. I don’t see how it makes you irresponsible. If you do affect others in a bad way then yes, that’s irresponsible, but otherwise it’s you’re own business.

    I don’t smoke myself, but I think a lot of people are too hung up on “what’s responsible”. Sure, you need to be able to deal with responsibility in life, but at the same time be able to cut lose and get something interesting out of life you might not get being responsible. I know a lot of older people obsessed with being responsible that seem to have cut out all traces of a personality they had to do that.

  8. I agree with all of you who say that it is irresponsible and unacceptable to smoke carelessly around children. It is not something I would like to see, that’s for sure! My blog was just my own response to the statement made in the blog I found about smokers in general. All the comments were really interesting to read, thanks guys! 🙂 x

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