‘Ping’? more like Flop

I decided to install the new iTunes since my out dated version kept freezing – bad idea.

On first look I was a bit disappointed with the new logo (although they removed the disk because iTunes is about more than CDs now). Secondly, it took ages to install. For around 10 minutes it kept saying it was copying files – I was soon to find out why. iTunes had decided to copy all my music files to a separate folder. Since i have over 9gb of music this took ages and takes up totally unnecessary space on my laptop! It also won’t play the songs I have on playlists because it ‘cannot locate the files’ – but it was them who moved the blasted files!

However, I was slightly impressed with the new righthand side bar – Ping – iTunes social networking gimmick. Although Spotify beat iTunes to this a rather long time ago, I thought I would sign in and see what was what. Firstly, it recommended me 3 songs from artists that I hate. I generously gave a nudge in the right direction and looked up some artists I did like to add to my profile. But to my dismay and surprise, my search for ‘Biffy Clyro’ returned no results. I continued to search for my favorite bands, Vampire Weekend, The Drums, Arcade Fire – none of them being found on this ‘music social network’. Apart from these problems, the general interface isn’t any more snazzy than the last, there aren’t many improvements that i have been able to enjoy so far.

I usually give myself a week or two to get used to and warm to new layouts or updates, but I really don’t see myself ever liking the new iTunes + Ping. This ofcorse isnt the opinion of a technical whizz, just a regular music fan.

I have for the present retreated to my safe place – Spotify.


One Response

  1. What are CDs?
    It will be interesting to see whether Apple takeover the “music socialising” scene after virtually taking over the portable music scene, portable computer scene, download scene, mobile phone scene…

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