Facebook impersonators!

So today I was searching for story ideas on facebook and so started looking at the different facebook groups to my suprise i found one of the most recent x factor contestants had left a comment on one of the groups ‘scummy mummy’ Chloe. I will confess I did think OMG I CANT BELIEVE IT.  I really dunno why , I mean she isn’t exactly the next big thing and it’s pretty easy to find people on facebook nowadays…or so I thought.

If you for some reason wanted to find a celeb on FB or even Twitter it can actually prove quite difficult.  People actually go to the effort of creating fake accounts and pretend to be them. They leave comments trying to sound like that person, join groups and post new status’s. Is it just me or is that a sign of a mental breakdown? I mean these people must have a lot of time on their hands right.

If you type in cheryl cole and select people , there are 128 – I am aware that other people in the world are called Cheryl Cole but a lot of these certainly ‘look’ like it could be britain’s sweetheart.

These people use realistic profile pictures and there have even be cases where older men and women have used someone else’s profile picture or pictures from their albums and pretend to be someone else to meet up with younger people. In some cases for disturbing and sickening reasons.

Facebook does give you the option if you want your photos to be able to be copied to other people’s profiles, but I know I don’t really protect my photos…but after seein the extent to just how many people have that amount of spare time on their hands maybe I should! Not that I am thinking there are that many people out their who think pretending to be ‘Kelly Wade’ will attract lots of new friends on facebook but for the thousands of celebs out there I can imagine how frustrating it must be , as a lot of these imposters can be very convincing!

I also wonder if this can be difficult for journalists to seperate the real deal from the regular old obessesive stalker? I know a lot are obvious that they are fake but I don’t think I would feel comfortable knowing someone was going around pretending to be me.

By Kelly Wade.


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